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It’s Tuesday, say Grace and grab a sassy straw.

Let’s talk avocados, shall we?  Vitamin E, Oleic acid, Glutathione, Lutein……………sweet deal.  All good for our hard-working bodies.  I am trying to get at least three a week onto the table and into Mr. Right and me.

Last night while flipping through the latest Vegetarian Times magazine, Mr. Right said hey, how about this one?   I said sure thing.  We have everything we need.  mango avocado smoothie

Okay, take out that blender that you forget to use, and fill ‘er up!  1 1/4 cup coconut water, 1/2 Hass avocado, pitted, flesh scooped out, 2 Tablespoons of walnuts (omega-3 fats, nice), juice of a fresh lime or at least 2 teaspoons and 3/4 cup frozen mango cubes…………………. push the wiz button and watch the creamy goodness blend together.    Pour the mixture into some really great shaped glasses add a jaunty colored shocking orange or lime green straw (get out there and look for some really great colored and sassy straws.  stop by Cash n Carry, go to a paper store, look for the old-fashioned paper straws with stripes, look on Amazon………..this is not hard people and for under $5.00 you can buy yourself a 144 smiles!), say Grace and for the love of pure nutrient-packed avocado disguised as a delicious creamy dreamy smoothie, raise your glass to yourself and your mission to take good care of yourself and your family.

Cheers to our good health!


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