things help me walk over the hot coals

Some people in my life have said to Mr. Right or others: gee I don’t know what to say or doI don’t want to bother her with a phone call.  She is sick, I don’t want to intrude.

I for one am glad that some folks stand on their own two feet and just “do something”.  It feels lovely and cared for to bathe in the tangible grace of others.  Sure, don’t get me wrong, prayers count and I appreciate it very much.

It is also both the small (and large) tokens of kindness that are so welcome.  ………………… this box of goodness that came in the mail from Boston. DSCN0520 Pure joy and happiness.  Our niece sent oodles and oodles of fun and smiles all packed into one small box.  She is one smart and thoughtful (notice there is not one fluffy pink “for the cure” item?, that is thoughtful) cookie.  Love her and her sharing spirit.  I am quite sure she has her plate full with a new job as a District Attorney, yet she somehow made some time to fill a box with smiles and happiness just for me.  Talk about making a girl feel special!!

I have received cards, earrings, cookies, brownies, tea,  flowers and books and candles and coconut (oh la la) lip balm, devotional book, scarves and bracelets, emails and phone calls.  Oh did I mention the rockin’ 12 carat diamond ring that was tucked into my box of happiness?  Love wearing it while I clean the bathrooms.  Some how it just makes me giggle.

When you watch one of those movie star awards show and they interview people on the red carpet, they inevitably ask:  Who are you wearing?  Who did the make up?  Who loaned you the jewelry?   Tomorrow, when I go to yet another appointment, if you were with me, you would ask the same.   I will be wearing three different bracelets from three different folks.  Thank you.  I will be wearing a scarf from another friend.  Thank you.  Tucked inside my cowgirl boots, I will be sporting some sassy socks that a friend gave me. Thank you.   Inside my new turquoise bag, will be a Woof n Poof angel from Mr. Right. Thank you.   Sort of feel like a Hockey player (with my front teeth of course and no evidence of several broken noses), with all the good luck charms and must have trinkets.  I am preparing to face the storm, so I load up on tangible things, I juggle them as I walk over the hot coals.

We all know the saying “the best things in life are not things”.  I beg to differ in this instance.  Those “things” help me and I for one am grateful for the help.  Grateful for a purse pocket full of cards.  Grateful for bracelets to wear.  Grateful for socks to keep my toes cozy.  Grateful for a puzzle to do while I wait for the time to leave.  Grateful that so many angels are flying around me and helping me cope.  For today, I am thankful and grateful to cope.

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