just keep being grateful

To say I am grateful on a daily basis would be the understatement of the year.

I am grateful that a stunning Ring Necked Pheasant visited our backyard.  Ring Necked Pheasant

I am grateful for an old friend touching base with me last night.  We are two polar opposites, yet somehow our hearts are connected and will be forever.  She gives me strength and pure goodness.

I am grateful for a husband who is willing to hide out with me on Saturdays.  We get to leave the world behind and just play.

I am grateful for two granddaughters who (sometimes loudly) remind me that I am not the center of the universe.

I am grateful for a friend who sends me hearts via my cell phone.  I look forward to them.

I am grateful for sunshine in the Pacific Northwest today.  I moved my bike onto the deck and smelled the Hyacinth flowers and went 6 miles in the bone warming sunshine.

I am grateful for a giggle a girlfriend gave me today.  “come ride a horse” she says……….okay my cowgirl boots are going to really have to be magical……….let’s start with a meet and greet first.

I am grateful that people are brave enough to tell me I AM crazy.  I sent a happy birthday card to our friend Larry in California.  His birthday happens to be August 19.  Our friend Larry who lives in Washington, his birthday was yesterday.  So come August, I think I will send a card to Larry in Washington to say I am early for his March birthday.  geesh.

I am grateful for Peru-B-Ruby toe nail polish.  It makes me happy to have sassy toenails.

I am grateful for freshly laundered and ironed linens for the bed.  I look forward to slipping between those crisp sheets tonight.

I am grateful for my clothes dryer.  I don’t think I would have had enough energy to hang out four loads of laundry on a clothes line today.

I am grateful my friend wasn’t hurt worse in a horrid car accident over the weekend. She is one of those “good eggs”.

I am very grateful for the weekend and today off from ugly medical stuff.

Gratitude equals healing.  Like the shampoo bottle says…..read and repeat.  No end in sight, just keep being grateful.

4 thoughts on “just keep being grateful

  1. There is, indeed, MUCH to be grateful for every day! I’ve been noting the little silver linings since Friday…hoping the pain eases soon but know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.
    A certain bag-o-goodness is one of those silver linings!!!!

  2. bag-o-goodness are really good things. Notice how I knew the correct name of the Pheasant for my blog? Thanks to a certain book I/we use almost every single day. Sometimes the pain and ugliness is so much, it is hard to see the silver linings. You just have to look a little longer and harder. It’s there, oh baby it’s there alright, just tucked away or hidden. I am grateful for our friendship, nothing hidden about it. I can see it and feel it plain as the nose on my face. Love ya!

  3. Myla

    Your ‘old’ friend is grateful for many things…… remember you taught me how to walk in that special dress? Oh yeah, I guess it IS against the law to tp a high school!! : }
    Love you much,

  4. Grateful for an “old” friend for teaching me to drive a stick in a little Opal. Really? I can’t imagine tp being against the law, so picky those policemen. ha ha to have those “problems” again. sigh.

    Hey, here is some crazy news………we sent our friend larry in california a birthday card. His birthday is August 19th. So on August 19th we will be sending your larry a birthday card. Brain fog is something. urgh. Please tell your larry we said Happy Birthday and were at least talking about him.

    Love you too, always, D
    ps. how is that grandbabe of yours? 🙂 Now there is something to smile about. You and I both grandmas, crazy good for sure.

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