Hoop Hoop!

I know my college basketball fans are thinking, geesh finally a blog post worth reading…………..sorry charlie, not that kind of hoop.

When I was in fourth grade, my maternal grandparents were building their dream home.  It is located on the very tip-top of Washington state.  It is on the waterfront of Point Whitehorn.   We used to go quite often during the building and of course once finished.  One spring, after school on a Friday night, my parents said we were driving up North for the weekend.  It was a 3 hour drive back then (about a 4.5 hour drive now, sigh, the traffic).  When we got to the “beach house” as we always refered to it, my grandpa gave us each our very own flashlight.  He said somewhere in that dark frame of a house is a surprise for each of you.  Are you brave enough to go find it?  A surprise?  Heck yes, I am brave enough!  Off we went, three little girls on a spooky dark adventure.  All in the name of receiving a surprise.  It took a bit of twists and turns.  It involved many shrieks and screams and jumping up and down.  We did NOT spread out.  We were bumping into each other and holding on to each others’ coats and curly hair.  We were sort of laughing and sort of scared to death.  Remember, all while my parents and grandparents stood 20 feet away watching us.

Eureka times three!  There was an orange one and a purple one and a lime green one!  Oh my, we found our surprises.  What in the world is it?  What do you do with them?  We went screaming back to the adults signaling that we had indeed found our surprises.  What is it?  What do we do with it?  All three of us were smiling, having no idea what to do.  My grandmother and mother took one each and showed us what to do.  That was all it took.  We were hooked and never looked back.

While working in an office years later, when I would be on hold for a long time, I would pull mine out and start to movin’.  Some people complained that I was not professional.  Really?  I was working in the executive offices of the Western Washington Fair.  I think a little levity could and should be brought to the table.  urgh, some people.

In my email this morning, son number two reminded me of a happy fact. hula hoop two

Today is the 50th anniversary of the hula hoop! 

March 5, 1963 the toy went on sale and twenty million Wham-O hula hoops sold for $1.98 in the first six months.
Yes, to answer your question, I am hula hooping today.  I already took mine for a spin and will for sure be doing so throughout the day.
“the circle of wellness is supported by (both) movement and stillness.”

5 thoughts on “Hoop Hoop!

  1. Jan

    One question? When are you writing your book? I can’t wait to read it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the way you write:-)

  2. Um, think you are reading it right now. haha. You and three other friends would buy the book, then we will have cases and cases to somehow give away. We will be the older gals in front of the grocery store with a card table in front of us, gving away books (no not cookies) books. haha Thanks for stopping by. I love hearing a comment or two. I then have confirmation that someone other than my husband is reading my blog. 🙂

  3. Carmen

    Happy Hula Hoop Day to you too!! I have to tell you, we have a couple of those hoops in our house. Guess who can “hoop it up” the best? My DD2, up and down and all around. I am lucky if I can get it to go around more than twice. 😃 So ok, enough of my confession. Here’s to a great hula hoop celebration today in your house and ours.

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