Lucky Blessed me

green juiceOne morning, I think maybe 1970, I am guessing third or forth grade,  once dressed and our hair was pulled back too TIGHT with “Dippity Do”, remember that stuff?  urgh.  Anyway, one morning,  my sisters and I walked through the dining room towards the kitchen.  Hey, there were three wrapped gifts on the table.  Maybe one for each of us?  My mother said, “please sit down and eat breakfast first, then you may open your gifts”.  Wow, we must have eaten our breakfast in record time.  Well, except for my youngest sister, who would, every single day, wrap her breakfast up in two paper napkins and stuff it under the cedar chest that was near the table.  (very long story, one day when people came to move the chest & lay new carpeting…….they found, um, well like I said another day another story)  Okay, breakfast over, “Thank you for breakfast, may I please be excused”?   We walked VERY quickly to the dining room (young ladies would never, ever run in the house).  We each opened our gifts.  Inside was a gorgeous, green gem made into the shape of a shamrock.  My mother said we were allow to wear them to school.  She told us about wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day.  She told us to take good care of it.  I have done pretty good for 40 some years.  A couple years ago, a piece of the “real” gold broke off the the stem portion.  DSC08152

Side note about 8-9 years ago, I was with my sisters near or on St. Patrick’s Day.  I was wearing my pin.  They remembered and said hey, where did you get that?  I said the same place you did.  Sadly, they had long ago lost or misplaced theirs.  In all the military moves and changing of homes, for some silly reason, I held onto mine.  When I look at it today, it is feather light, plastic and silly.  I really, really thought it was a real emerald gem stone.  I like thinking back on how proud I was to wear a fancy “grown up” pin to school.  I still enjoy wearing it this time of year.

green crossI am well aware that there are many main stream religions of our time that do not believe in luck.  Mr. Right always, for over 30 years has said he is the luckiest guy he knows.  He looks for it.  He makes an effort to say, gee that was lucky.  Can you believe I just found a penny?  Won a clock?  Won a trip?  Won a scholarship?  Can you believe that I am so lucky we had two boys?  Can you believe that we are so lucky we have two grandgirlies?  Every single day, he counts his blessings.  He feels blessed and yes, he feels lucky.   So in our home, we skip between the two words Blessed and Lucky.

Today, I am counting my lucky stars. I am blessed to be bathed in Grace.   I am lucky & blessed for the sincere & kind hearted friends that are in my life.  I am lucky for a wonderful companion that my dog Sweet Liberty is to me.  I am lucky for a great cup of coffee, the sun peeking through the fog, great fresh made juice every morning.  I am lucky that a friend sends me pictures of hearts that God has shared with her. green pond I am lucky for phone calls, emails and text messages that my friends have continued to give me.  I am lucky & blessed to have a loyal and wonderful family.  I am lucky to have enough money to buy great food.  I am lucky & blessed to have more good days than bad.  green opi

I have tried looking for hearts like my friend suggested.  I just keep getting interrupted.  Oh, there is someone at the door (delivering me flowers), I will try and look for a heart on our daily walk, oh the sun is so warm, boy am I lucky I took a walk during this time.  Okay, look for hearts………..oh the phone is ringing (a friend calling to bless me with goodness)…where was I ?  Oh yes, looking for a heart as a sign from God.  I think maybe my blessings and luck don’t always come in heart shapes. Sometimes I see blessings and luck in the shape of leaves or in a gorgeous bottle of green toe nail polish, or a green polka dot ribbon a niece used to think of me, sometimes blessings and luck come packaged green & in the shape of a shamrock.

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  1. Jan

    I’m lucky and blessed to have you in my life. I don’t tell you enough how wonderful you are! Thank you for putting up with me all these years;-)

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