thirty one

DSCN0649I am guessing that some of my more religious friends are so hoping that I quote Proverbs 31 and talk about my thoughts on how a wife should act.  Nope, not today.

Maybe some of my sweet tooth friends were hoping that I would prattle on about 31 Flavors.  Nope, we follow John Robbins, so ice cream is really not in the mix.

I can be honest and say out loud to the world, I am a little grumpy because we didn’t get to do what we planned.  Instead of being on a cruise, I am sitting in Washington state typing.  sigh.   So nope, no vacation pictures and tales to share.

I could write about how I got to chat with a friend from Chicago for 48 minutes and she made my day better.  Really.  She has a unique way of telling the truth, listening to me whine, complain and cry and then she will laugh with me and still through all of that, be so kind and nice and sweet, it sort of makes your teeth hurt.  Yes, she is that kind of friend.  She will walk through fire with me.  She is that strong and unstoppable.  I am one lucky girl to have her in my corner.  I sort of feel brave knowing I have to answer to her.  I have to tell her, yes, I stood up for myself.  Yes, I told the truth and told people what I need and don’t need.  She makes me bring my “A” game.  I don’t want to let her down.   She turned my attitude around today.  Thank heavens.

All of that to say, today we celebrate!  Today Mr. Right and I are celebrating 31 years of being married.  It is a remarkable relationship that just keeps on getting bigger and more luscious. (I sort of want to be sassy and say “take that” to friends and family that thought it wouldn’t last, ha.)

So here’s to Mr. Right and only 31 reason that I am glad for saying “I do”(not once, but three times…….long boring story for another day)!

He warms my towel in the dryer when I am taking a shower.

He is a really great father and grandfather.

He love animals and takes such good care of our dog.

He makes the best vegan cocoa in the world.

He always and I mean always treats me with respect.

He always opens every door for me and never sits at the table until I do.

He has the best manners of anyone I know.

Because of the thousands of miles he has run, he has the best thighs in the world.  (hey, my blog, my opinion)

He painted my toenails while in the hospital.  (not great, but he took on the challenge and it made me happy)

He brings me Daffodils every single anniversary!  daffodils

He is well read and that is a huge plus in my book.

He GAVE UP white refined sugar, because I had to.

He always, always looks Army spit and polish, even when he has on comfy clothes.

Mr. Right is willing to eat the rest of my frys because they are not my favorite.

He is always so thoughtful and kind to me and others.

He is really funny and makes me laugh every single day!

He always, always carrys an ironed handkerchief to offer a lady.

He is an amazing spiritual leader for our family.

He is the grammar police.  Which makes me secretly smile. (best part, he never corrects my blog writing, even though I know sometimes I frustrate him and he so wants to take a red pen to my work)

He comes up with great trips to take and then makes them happen.  He can read a map like nobody’s business.

He always, no matter how small, uses gift wrap to wrap my gifts.

He plays board games and card games and gently reminds me of the rules each time.  He also is a gracious looser when I whomp him at Scrabble.  I am not a gracious winner.

He makes the most wonderful weekend breakfasts and best coffee ever.

He has enough positive energy for both of us sometimes.

He can fix just about anything and can explain it with kindness so I understand.

He will fold laundry, roll up the hose, clean the bathtub and do yard work when he knows I don’t want to.

He makes me juice every single day.

He will go along with some of my more silly ideas and even though he thinks it is crazy, he won’t say so. Even so far as watching a Partridge Family rerun on television.  Now, that is pure love.

He is generous, loyal, brave and strong and sarcastic (I like that).

He takes such good care of our family.  He has an amazing work ethic.

Mr. Right loves me unconditionally and that makes me feel safe, lucky and grateful.

“True love stories never have endings.  ~r. bach

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  1. Carmen

    You have brought tears to my eyes today. I know Mr Right personally and everything you have written about him is so right on target, even from an outsiders point of view. AND He has been so blessed to have married you all those 31 years ago. I will forever hold the two of you up as the most gracious, kind, giving couple I have ever known. I will continue to hold you up as the example for the young people around me as to what a real marital relationship should look like. Thank you, we have been blessed to have known you and Mr Right all these years.

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