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wishI am starting to fully understand the idea of kiddos with serious diseases, making a wish to somehow take a break from treatment and sickness and go somewhere or do something and actually transport themselves to a care free, worry free, stress free & happy place.   When I look at Mr. Right, I am sad to see all the gray hairs I have caused in just four months.  Both our shoulders slump a teeny bit more.  No, not enough for others to notice, just not happy, good posture shoulders.   My sincere wish for sick kiddos and their families is a real honest break from it all.  I am very tired of being sick.  I am very tired of learning so many lessons.  I am over the garbage can tired of learning how people behave poorly towards others who are sick.

We send birthday and anniversary wishes in the form of cards all the time.  Somehow now, I will choose my words with a more heartfelt message…………we hope your day is happy………..will now turn into something like ………..we wish for you a round of golf at Pebble Beach, a round of golf at Spyglass, 9 rounds of golf between Washington state and Pebble Beach…………we wish for you so much happiness that you won’t admit it and will be “golfed out” for a couple of days!

My wish for people with allergies to red dye (who among us should be ingesting any artificial dyes? another rant for another blog posting)………….to know that the “Shamrock Shake” actually uses Yellow Dye #5 and Red Dye #40 plus the interaction with a preservative to make them green!

I wish I could walk into a grocery store and see all the things I CAN have instead of everything I can’t have.  I am not there yet. wishthree

When my surgeon introduced a new word to me Hyperparathyroidism into the line up………Mr. Right and I had to learn about it.  I wish that I could still sew, quilt, cross stitch, practice the piano, read recipes with ease and cook and bake.  It was part of who I was. Those hobbies filled part of my daily life.  I am wishing and hoping that once the surgery is over, my skills will once again reveal themselves to me.  I have decided that when a friend tells me a sickness or disease that they have been diagnosed with, I will take a few minutes to look it up and learn a bit.  Maybe even read an article or book on the subject.  Then I wish to share with my friend.  It will make them feel like I am sincerely interested in their life & want to share the burden.

I wish for people with brain injuries or chemical imbalances to give themselves a teeny bit of grace.  When the correct word, thought or spelling doesn’t come as easily as before, I wish them a moment to catch their breath and try again and not melt into tears.  All too real and I am here to say frightening.

What I sincerely wish for with all my heart and soul?

A great spouse in everyone’s life that will indeed stick with you through sickness and health.  I wish for people who are down and frustrated, a great friend even though they live states away, who will let you type to them or call them any time of the day or night.
I wish for every single person a friend who will joke with you when times are the worst & and somehow make you joke back.  A friend who brought up a 30-year-old joke and made you remember how good it is to be loved that much.  I wish for anyone who is sick, a friend/sister-in-law, who is brave enough to stand with them and then again tomorrow and then again 55 days later.

I wish everyone could be a grandparent.  I wish everyone a loyal dog.  I wish everyone would be kind to others who are sick.  I wish there was a big bucket of Wish Tickets and you tore one off and then turned it in somewhere and waited for the wish to come true. wishtickets

I want to be the kind of person, people wish was in their life.

4 thoughts on “make a wish

  1. Julie (Mathiasen) Thompson

    Thank you! I am wishing all things positive for you and that you are feeling well soon! My son has a Make-A-Wish trip coming up in two weeks! His wish is to go to Washington DC and see all those important documents and stuff! It will be a wonderful week where we forgot about all the doctors and a major surgery coming up this summer! Thank you! Sending you sunshine! So glad we met and got to hang out all those years ago! Julie

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I will send you a private email in a bit.
    So happy for Grady. Glad he gets his WISH to go to Washington DC. We have enjoyed our trips there. I hope it is a wonderful trip for him. Please share his surgery date in the summer and we will promise to pray for him and be in his corner.
    You make me smile everytime I think of you!

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