odds & ends and probably way too much sharing

healing soupAs I type, I can smell a batch of “Seriously Healing Garlic-Thyme Chicken Soup” minus the chicken.   It smells really, really good.  Today, I am guessing my calcium is having a huge Mardi Gras parade inside me, as every single bone and joint is screaming.  I am putting my faith into having a few cups of healing soup later.

Update on my lemon plum:  ripening nicely, looks like another couple of days and I will be ready to cut into that sweet darling and give it a go.

It is pouring down rain harder than I have ever seen here in Washington state this morning.  Yikes, thoughts of building an ark, or at least making sure “dog” towels are neatly stacked by the back door ready for action.

Good news on the blog posting for next Tuesday……………the dessert I tried out yesterday was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and tasted like candy.  I am really happy with the results and looking forward to sharing all the goodness next week.

The coffee was very good this morning.  I use coconut cream and a teaspoon of agave nectar to “doctor it up” and I must say, it is aheart coffee delightful treat.  Side note:  I LOVE a mug or cup with a good lip.  A nice curve that gently rolls out from the base of the cup.  It is a pleasure to find the “perfect” cup and use it for years and years and years.  I had one mug (given to me by a sassy horse girl who is stunning both inside and out, more about her on another blog) and I used that mug with the hummingbird on it for about 16 years!  Yes, I do get attached to certain pieces of pottery.

Doing good deeds and not telling a soul……………………….sometimes is super hard for me to be quiet about someone.  Yesterday, Mr. Right pulled off three GREAT KARMA, GOOD DEEDS and boy you could tell he was a happy camper.  Made me giddy with happiness to watch him work his magic.

I have a strange and mixed up fascination with a family on television that just happen to have 19 kids.  In NO way do I want, need, or think for one minute I could handle, raise, teach good manners to, keep track of that many youngin’s, ever.  I just sort of like watching how they make it all work.  However, I was a bit miffed at their trip to Asia.  Yes, I would say it to their faces, no shame here………………………….while traveling through Europe for three years, we made it our business NOT to be the ugly Americans.  period.  For each country we learned some language (at least please, thank you, hello, bathrooms?, nice to meet you  etc….) , we had to keep a “cheat sheet” and zip lock baggies for all the different money.  It was before the Euro, hence learning the exchange for each country was a home school trick for all of us.  Mr. Right has a special whistle that we all recognize.  It has been said that I happen to be able to clear my throat in such a way that it makes our own children (as well as other family members) stand up straighter and look at me to discover what the “issue” is that I have noticed.  No, we did cause a ruckus with our children.  They were told ahead of time what was expected and how they were to behave.  I never once had to remind them to remove their ball caps in a cathedral nor did I ever have to once remind them to be polite to any of our hosts.  One of the lovely (the guys would not like me using that word) things about our grown son’s is that they have a great deal of respect for others.  They live their lives as such on a daily basis.  They do not act as though everyone should speak English (yes, they both speak other languages) or do things as we do.  They are both very proud to be Americans and are equally as proud of their Canadian heritage.  It is just when we were in other countries they behaved as GUESTS.  Now there is no mistaking that little tiny 1/2″ by 1/4″ red tag that is sewn on the back of their name brand American jeans, the baseball hats, the brand named sneakers………….all dead give aways.  However, you would be proud of our family’s  behavior (yes, we are all judged as to how the “ugly” American behaves while traveling).    enough of a rant… for now.

I am looking for happiness.  I continue to list things I am grateful for:  hot bubble baths, a call from the cowboy store…new red boots are in, biking 4.5 miles today, All-Clad cookware, gorgeous bouquet of fresh daffodils, friends who are helping me, books with stunning pictures, putting stickers on a put together present for a certain one year old’s birthday, ordering library books, having a box full of lovely cards and postage at the ready, a massage table in our home,massage tablea new bracelet, a cell phone,  receiving snail mail, day dreaming about Cozumel, grateful for the dog sleeping at my feet, that our grandgirlies are being taught very good manners, finding a new Sushi restaurant, using a good coupon at the toy store yesterday, chilled & cut orange wedges for after dinner, stumbling upon a new website that I love…..  www.curlygirldesign.com

Being Grateful equals Healing

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