brolly creates an oasis

twirling umbrellasIn our home, we have always used the word brolly.  Our kids learned to say it at a very young age.  I have some kind of weird fascination with all the gorgeous colors and stripes and polka dots.  When I was a little girl, I used a clear bubble one, that I could see through.  It fogged up, but I sort of loved the bubble I was in.  Um, maybe I still love living in a bubble sometimes?

Mr. Right grew up calling it a parapluie.  Yep, the boys use that word as well.  Living in Washington state you would think that we would all make use of an umbrella.  I think most of us have several rolled up in the coat closet or stored in the trunks of our cars.  Most of the time,  we forget to carry one.  Apparently, because we have many a days with drizzle, rain or downright downpour, sometimes  a jaunty raincoat or some sassy aquaduck shoes will work.  Most of the time, a magazine, a newspaper held over our heads works fine.  Then we make a dash for the door.

I lost a vibrant yellow one in Germany.  I have left them in restaurants, left them at people’s homes and businesses.  I love to borrow Mr. Right’s HUGE golf umbrella when I walk our dog.  We both stay somewhat dry.patio umbrella

I spied a real beauty today on-line.  Pier 1 to be exact.  I loved it instantly.  We already have a gazebo on our deck so, no real need.   With its splash of color and goodness, I fell head over heels in lust with that brolly.  Then inspiration hit.

Mr. Right said he could do it.  He is going to drill a hole in my sewing table.  We will purchase the brolly and a stand.  Hide the stand under the table and open the beauty up.  I will string twinkle lights.  It will be my own little oasis of creativity. I will turn up the heat and turn on some Jimmy Buffett music.   I will sit under my own parapluie and sew and quilt and create for hours and hours.    I do love coming up with lovely little nuggets of goodness.  This one’s a beauty.  Just love the idea.  Now to find a Pier 1 coupon.  That my friend, will make me even more happy with this oasis idea.   Covered in Grace, simply a lovely idea. twinkle lights hanging

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