opi plus thanks equals better mood

If you have ever thought of writing a blog, here is another reason to jump in with both feet.  You end up meeting really kind people. They leave you messages and send you notes of encouragement.  You meet people you might not otherwise had the pleasure of meeting.  Some are out of your state, your common hobbies and for me, out of my bubble.  Good people who are just so dog gone kind and thoughtful and willing to share pure goodness.

“J” is one of my followers.  Seems to have a good sense of humor, uplifting, kind, non judgmental and really positive.  Boy after the nasty weekend I had, Monday morning rolled around and I was desperately searching for something, anything positive.

For some reason or another I remembered “J” had shared the idea that by wearing great color drenched toenail polish you would lift any mood, color any day brighter.  Okay, I am game.  I put it on my Monday “to do” list. OPI-Bogota-Blackberry bottle

I chose a new (to me) color Bogota Blackberry by OPI.  Okay, I thought it was more of a purplish color in the bottle.  Turns out not quite.  It really ended up being a knock your socks off, gorgeous, deep, satruated berry color.  Really lovely, deep, rich and somehow bold color.

In a very real and tangible way, a reader that checks in from time to time, helped me crawl out of an ugly mood.  By gently reminding me that there are really kind “good eggs” out there willing to share an idea or two.  This goes out to “J”…..  a sincere and heartfelt thanks for helping me make a turn around.  My toes are tickled Blackberry and my mood ………Mr. Right will thank you for my new and improved mood.

So the Monday lesson is: gorgeous, freshly, painted toenails plus giving thanks, equals a much nicer person.  the end.

opi blackberry

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