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good friday crossToday the church cross is draped in black.  The podium, the alter all covered in black, the mood, very somber, intense and serious.  I am ready for Easter morning. I am ready to heal with color.  Maybe I have spent too many weeks feeling down and serious and gray.  Yes, today is a day of reflection and being on your knees grateful, but somehow a little voice is saying, wait just wait until Sunday morning.

I have this funny non medical thinking that color has a lot to do with healing.  I know for a fact that the mint green walls of a certain hospital room, make me so mad I feel like a caged lion.  I know for a fact that the “for the cure” pink, gets my blood to boilin’.  Why then wouldn’t the opposite be true?

I just wonder if my new red cowgirl boots saturated in a gorgeous color are helping me feel better.  Is it the teal of my bracelet that lifts my spirits?  By going into the guest room the purple quilts always calm me down and make me feel good.  Really good.

By using natural things………, turmeric, purple cabbage, carrots………..I dyed some eggs this morning.  While they are most certainly not the toxic colors from the Paas company, they are natural and have a sort of soft lovely color all their own.  I may turn some a bit happier with some polka dots.  natural dyed easter eggs

I wonder if by surrounding myself with deep rich colors, I am helping to raise my spirits every single day.  Maybe just a bit?  I love that I cooked a pan full of orange carrots for our dog’s dinner.  I love that my morning sunshine juice is healing orange.  I love that tonight we will enjoy bright green healing juice for dinner.  I have a friend who sends white healing light with every single email she sends.  I love the juxtaposition of my red drinking straw with the blue lid of my water cup.  I notice color all the time.  Heck, I even notice that I have a yellow rubber band around my cup.  I also have a blue one.  I aim for three or even four different colored rubber bands by the end of the day. That helps me remember how many glasses I have had.

Just came indoors from picking 14 jaunty yellow daffodils from the yard.  They make me smile and somehow feel better. I remember a quote from years ago, “Life is a great big canvas.  Throw all the paint you can on it.”  Revisiting that quote might do us all some good.

In today’s mail there was a box from Vermont.  It feels heavy, oh so heavy.  I will wait until Mr. Right comes home to open it.  I am secretly hoping and guessing it is pure maple syrup. I can just imagine the rich, pure golden color of the sweet treat.

A friend has suggested that together we take Fridays as “days to heal our minds”.  By golly, being sick can wear you out.  So if I already take Saturdays off from “being sick” and now I am going to heal my mind on Fridays………….well good gravy (rich, dark, luscious gravy) that means I will only be sick 5 days out of the week.  I am liking this.

My first Friday to “heal my mind” is going to be learning and gathering more information about “color, can it heal our spirits, our minds our bodies”?  I am loving it.  I am going to surround myself with even more color.  This coming from a gal, who secretly sewed pale pink lace ruffles on her rumba panties to wear with her shocking white tennis outfits in high school.   Very scandalous, and as you can well  imagine my mother was not amused,  at all, period.

I collected solid colored fabrics for a few years and cut them into triangles to make an Easter morning quilt.  I never took the time to quilt it.  Maybe, just maybe it is high time, I got that out of the closet and started to heal my body, mind and spirit by finishing a huge splash of color in the form of a quilt?

May the color of the season heal our hearts, soul, mind and spirit.  easter morning quilt

2 thoughts on “color me healed

  1. I love color too and I think you are right- color has the power to lift our spirits. I am waiting for the color of Spring in my yard – no daffodils yet! – but last night I bought a bunch of sunny yellow tulips to take to my mom’s with me today. Love you girl! Have a wonderful Easter! xo Joanne

  2. Lori Bisping

    You know me and color! I love it and have to be careful about what I buy or I would look like a circus clown. I think you should start a cool, colorful, just for fun project. It doesn’t have to be perfect : ) just fun, experimental, and an explosion of color.

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