two steps to dessert

One of the things that I came to love about living in Europe was, all of the stores were closed on Sundays.  I mean it, closed.  With the exception of a teeny tiny little ice cream stand, everything was closed.  It took three or four months to “get organized” and shop and prepare everything for Sunday.  For the grown ups, it ended up being a really great teaching moment.  We would, along with every other family in Europe,  pack a picnic and plan a walk, a hike, tour an old castle ruin, tour a museum, tour a cathedral, take a drive and so forth.

Learning that part of my life now must include time for rest and rejuvenation is a whole lot easier said than done.  I/we are learning.  Our friends have given suggestions, we have made an effort to include massages, great music, funny movies………..resting on the weekend is something that is a tad bit more difficult to talk about than actually do.  Yes, I know I am sicker than I ever have been in my entire life, however, strangely we found ourselves talking about wellness on our walk.  I think one of the reasons it felt so lovely was yes, probably the vitamin D, the fresh air, the sunshine, the positive attitude but more importantly the actual action of choosing to heal.

Yesterday was the first Easter in 31 years that we did not host a formal brunch or dinner.  This was the first year that we did not send out Easter cards.  I think that won’t happen again.  It is too sad.  I have gotten so used to some traditions that I really miss when they are absent.  I think the walk might be a new tradition.

Step one of relaxing is to take a walk. capitol laketwo We drove about 40 minutes from our home to our state capitol.  I think we all forget that there are really remarkable places to visit in our own neighborhoods.  We walked around Capitol Lake.  The pathway is even and wide.  There were tons of happy people and dogs (and even a cat on a leash?) that were out in the unheard of 75* Easter Sunday, Pacific  Northwest weather.  It felt really warm on my bones.  I wore a sun hat and sunglasses.  Our Sweet Liberty walked along with tail swishing.  We spotted blooming daffodils and crocus and hyacinth.  We noticed trees blooming and little flower petals falling.  Mount Rainier as well as the Olympic Mountains were out in all their glory.  People shared friendly greetings, hello, how ya doing?, hey, cute dog, love the sunshine?  Older folks, young children, 20 somethings holding hands, a couple of runners that I said a gracious “thank you”.  No one with the exception of Mr. Right gets that.  I like saying it.  I am married to a man who has run thousands of miles, yes, thousands.  I know exactly how much effort it takes to get thigh muscles looking that great.  I know how many loads of running clothes had to be washed.  I know about “lucky” torn shirts and great posture and how much energy it takes to be a “runner”.  I appreciate and am happy to give a jaunty salute and offer up my thanks!  I love the view!capitol lakeStep two of relaxing, once you are done walking around the lake, you walk back to the car, give the dog plenty of water then some more water.  Then you head home.   You grab a box from the freezer and you go sit on the lounge chairs on the deck.  You then open up your finish line treat.  It is one of those ingredient lists that will make you go weak in the knees:  agave nectar, so coconutcoconut milk, everything natural, no colorings nor sugar ……………..just real natural ingredients, somehow arranged together in a magical ice cream on a stick sort of way.   The flavor is spot on and really, really good.  No weird taste to “make up for” the lack of preservatives, chemicals and sugar.  The size is perfect.  You have time to eat it before it melts and drips down your forearm, but lasts long enough to savor the rich creamy goodness.  We chose to purchase the ones with little bits of almonds, however they do sell a plain version as well.

The road to wellness is bumpy and hard and frustrating and long……….but once in a while the road to wellness is uplifting and fresh during a walk & smooth and sweet in the form of dessert after you cross the finish line.

Love to hear where you walked this past weekend or where you are planning to walk this week.  Here’s to our good health!

2 thoughts on “two steps to dessert

  1. I spent most of the weekend at my mom’s. We did host a lovely evening dinner last night for some family and I do believe it really cheered her up. Your walk sounds fabulous. It has been chilly here in PA but walking is on my list of things to do as soon as it warms up a bit more! xo Joanne

  2. Oh my goodness…………..I hope your mom was plum tuckered out! With all the family, and laughing and talking and jumbled people and good food………I hope when you all left her home, she wrapped her arms around herself and and smiled ear to ear. What a wonderful moment in time for her. To be home and now exhausted with having so much goodness all around her.
    You did good! So happy for you and your family.
    Hope Spring shows up in PA soon.
    hugs from the left coast. D

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