It’s Tuesday, Say GRACE…careful, these babies are hot!

Again, not actual hot babies………….the hot Double Stuffed Baked Potatoes I am going to tell you about.   First, scrub some potatoes with vinegar and water, put some elbow grease into it.  Then give em a poke or two with a fork…………oh ya, we are going old school. No microwave madness for this girl.   Set your oven to 350* and toss those soon to be beauties in the fire.  Depends on the size, go for an hour or hour and 15 minutes.  Second, while your potatoes bake, yes, you have time to check Facebook, now get out that black iron skillet you are always forgetting to use.  Yep, you can get some iron into you and your family simply by using your favorite cast iron beauty. Heat up some olive oil or coconut oil……get it hot enough that when you toss in the vegetables, they sizzle and release some heaven-sent aromas.  Start by chopping up loads of mushrooms, any kind will work perfectly (last week and today I am using crimini), chop up loads of onions and garlic………….fresh on all three, please.  Fill your cutting board to almost overflowing with goodies.  If you have a sliver or two of red pepper or a few fresh spinach leaves, toss ‘er in as well.  Okay, saute or fry or whatever “hip” word you want to use.  Season with some real salt and fresh cracked pepper.  You are aiming for some really deep golden color.  You want the color on the mushrooms deep and rich enough that you are willing to poke your finger into that pile of goodness and risk getting burned to snag one to taste test.  DSC08168

If your potatoes are done, slice off the top 1/4 of each.  Scoop out into the hot, steamy flesh and put into a large bowl.  Give the tops of the potatoes to your friendly dog.  Hey, your dog is smelling all this goodness too, folks.  Okay, into the bowl, we have the potato goodness, now put in all your golden sautéed vegetables.  Next you want to add some fresh chopped chives and some parsley.  We need a bit more real salt and pepper, remember to season the entire way through the cooking process.  Next I add about 1/2 cup of “parmaZan” cheese and faux sour cream……… can certainly add the real stuff.  I add a healthy dollop of earth balance or real butter if you please.  Mix, mix, mix………..okay, back into the skins.  Fill em high and mighty.  Oh, I am so glad I am the chef and I get to lick the spatula when I am done.  Now, top with some cheese or faux cheese  and then I topped with phoney baloney coconut ‘bacon”.  Put back into the oven at the same 350* for another 15 or 20 minutes.  Take out and serve.

The crust that forms while baking in the oven  the second time around,  seals in the steam and they are hot, hot, hot.  The aroma and your grumbling tummy will make you want to ignore the steamy goodness and plow ahead.  Take my word for it……………little bites are the way to go at first.    So you know the drill…………..invite your family to sit down at the table, put your napkin in your lap, Say GRACE and for the love of burnt tongues everywhere…………have some good sense and carefully enjoy every single spoonful.   You will be dreaming of these beauties for the next several days, they are THAT good.

6 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday, Say GRACE…careful, these babies are hot!

  1. You have such a wonderful way of writing your recipe. I’m in stitches laughing! My favorite part is about feeding the potato bits to the dog… My dog would love it if you adopted him!!

      1. So true — life isn’t worth living if you can’t laugh about it! And it’s even better when we can laugh at ourselves.

        That’s so sweet of you to say, thank you! It was my pleasure. :]

  2. Kathie

    Bestest yummiest twice baked potatoes ever… My pleasure to have actually enjoyed them from the source. Sorry Sweet Liberty, I ate the whole thing. Delish!!!!!

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