the color of goodness

double rainbowI love shoes. I don’t really want to cross stitch that on a pillow, I just sort of love shoes more than say asparagus.  For a while in my life I had to only wear shoes that didn’t weigh too much.  So now, I am game to try just about anything.   I don’t want to count the number of new shoes I have “needed” in the past couple months or years actually.  I always have my eyes open for something sassy and cute.  I am just now getting acquainted with boots.  Oh sure, I have kicky rain boots (lime green with pink flowers) and I have adorable (hardly used because of where I live) RED snow boots.  I am sampling cowgirl boots just for some added sass.

Here’s a little secret, while at home my favorite is to go barefoot.  I know, I know, not great for your pedicure.  I just love the feeling of carpet, grass, wood deck, pebbled driveway, wood flooring on my tootsies.

The other day, I was barefoot and a friend came to visit.  She knows this already about me, she is polite enough not to say “where are your shoes?”  After a long chat and some rather enjoyable vegan  carrot cupcakes ~ with frosting~  it was time for her to head home.  We stepped outside and of course my feet were bare.  I can still feel the pebbled driveway and how it tingled on the souls of my feet.  The sky was the darkest gray almost black, that we have seen in a while.  It started to sprinkle.  We turned and were awe struck by not one but two magnificent whole rainbows.  The color was intense against the dark background of the sky.  We couldn’t take our eyes off of the striking colors and of course talked about the pot of gold.  We really didn’t have to say much.  It was just stunning to view shared by friends. It was a moment in time that was pure goodness. Who would have guessed it happened in our driveway?

Sometimes friends don’t have to say much.  You just know they are in your corner and you are in theirs.  You have built so much goodness between you, that you know “it” is there and you lean on it from time to time.  Somedays you need your true friends more than others.  I have been leaning on my friends quite a bit lately.

True friends color my world with goodness.  Every time I see a rainbow, I know for a fact how lucky I am to have colorful friends in my life.  I gently remind myself all of the wonderful, true friends I have.   I have to use all my fingers and a couple of toes to count em all up.  If I forget to say it, I am one lucky girl.  In case there is not rainbow visible in the sky, I printed this colorful chart to see my own rainbow anytime I want.

My world is an abundance of color and I love the vibrancy of it all.

colorwheel of goodness

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