“The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” is a beloved Dr. Seuss Book.  We read to our boys and if you have young children or grandchildren or neighbor kids or a birthday gift to buy for, I highly recommend this book.  Once you read it you will repeat the lyrics over and over at odd times in your life……………on a whim, it will pop into your noggin 28 years later.

Peter, Paul & Mary, along with many other recording artists, did their own version of 500 miles.  After looking up the lyrics today, apparently for many years, I have used my own words instead of some of theirs.  “500 miles, 500 miles, 5oo miles, 5oo miles, Lord, I’m 500 miles from my home.”  Good song, easy to change the lyrics over 30 plus years.

This is my 500th blog posting.  I have amazed myself and I think it is worthy of a little jiggity, jig.  Woo Hoo. I won’t list all the great things that this blog has brought into my life, however, one of the best things is having a place to write about and share my gratitude.  It is an ongoing, daily list for me.  I need to be aware and write down things, the millions of things I am grateful for.

I am very grateful to have chosen five people who will, starting tomorrow, be my guest bloggers.  I am honored, they have agreed to help me and have chosen a day of the week to write.  I asked only one favor, that they tell who they are (or a pseudonym) or identify where they are from.  In no way did I want to fib to my faithful, loyal and over the top kind readers.  I just have a funny tingling feeling, that we are all in for a treat.  The week ahead will be like checking out five different authors’ books and falling into something new and different and wonderful.

I use the title “Sunday’s Child”, because that is the day of the week that I was born.  My five special guest stars may use the day they were born or may use the day of the week they are posting.  Tomorrow, you will meet Monday’s Child who lives in Florida! (I LOVE technology!)

Please greet them and leave them encouraging kind comments as you so often leave for me.  You will fall in love with each of my friends for different reasons.  By the end of the week, your life will be better, because you have “met” them.

For me, I will spend the week healing.  Unpleasant medical stuff tomorrow and three surgeries on Tuesday.  Healing and wellness will be my mission from then on.

While five friends will be taking care of my spirit and my blog, Mr. Right and Sweet Liberty will be taking care of me. DSCN0650 A girl could not ask for better.  I have family and true friends who will be lifting me up in either their prayers or white lights or Good Karma or good wishes.  It seems mighty overwhelming right now.  I am guessing that the week will march forward and all of us with it.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become” ~c. gustav jung~

I choose grateful. I choose to be thankful.  I choose happy. I choose to seek goodness.  I choose to be Faith filled.  I choose to be a good wife.  I choose to be a caring pet owner.  I choose to be well-educated.  I choose enlightenment.  I choose healing and wellness.  I choose to be a kind and thoughtful Mom, mother in law,  grandma, friend, sister-in-law, Aunt, godmother.  I choose to be quilter, sewer, baker, piano player, kayak enthusiast, target shooter, friend……..  I choose Grace. 

See you around like a (vegan) donut!

Here’s to 500 more things, to be grateful for!

6 thoughts on “500

  1. Carmen

    Woohoo!!! Hip hip hurrah!!! Woohoo!!!
    Daleen, congratulations on your 500th
    blog post!!! Can you imagine how many words that is? What am achievement!! This deserves a celebration!!! Let me release 500 multi-colored balloons on your behalf, figuratively of course, but can you see them…they have momentarily blocked the sun, whoop…there they go. Wow, they make a polka dotted sky, I didn’t expect that. Polka dots for celebrating, for healing, 500 posts, what a journey!!! Here’s to the next 500 posts!!!! Congratulations my friend!!

  2. Kathie

    WOW… 500 blogs. How blessed we are to have you share your inner spirit with us. I feel that you have shared 500 rays of sunshine from your heart to all of us that are honored to be chosen as your friend. Just keep adding the zeros sister. You are so not done yet!!! We all need you to keep us smiling and laughing and thinking from deep within our souls.

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