Enjoying the View with Miss Daleen

kristy's blog picture 2Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls ♥:)…the most massive characters are seared with scars.~Kahlil Gibran
Many years ago I saw the movie “The Grand Canyon”.  I was very young and naive and I got upset by a scene where everything is going horribly wrong all at once.  In the scene the main characters, who are a husband and wife, are in the middle of a huge quarrel while preparing dinner. The  husband is chopping vegetables with a large knife when he slices through his hand. He grabs a towel and wraps his bleeding hand , still arguing adamantly with his wife. Then unbelievably there is a huge earthquake and the couple has to run outside, continuing to yell at each other embroiled in the heat of their fight. The whole neighborhood is panicked and gathering outside of their homes, when things go from bad to worse because one neighbor screams that her husband is having a heart attack…… right in the middle of the street. So the main character, played  by Kevin Klein, performs CPR on his neighbor while his  cut hand oozes blood all over the poor guy. “Call 911″,  He yells.  Somebody runs off to call, and then incredulously  the messenger breathlessly returns and says, ” All the phone lines are down because of the earthquake, so we can’t get an ambulance.” (Obviously, this was before cell phones existed.) So here is the intensity of this scene: Man in big fight with wife cuts huge slice in hand and is bleeding profusely all over while trying to perform CPR on neighbor who is having a heart attack in the middle of the street during an earthquake, and no paramedics are available because the phone lines are down. Now being  in my twenties at the time, I  almost walked out because I thought it was stupid.  “Life never happens with that much drama, stupid movies always over dramatize”, is what I said in my note to self.  Well I am fifty now, and I see through a vastly different wide-angle lens, and I know life can really slam us some times. Sometimes life happens exactly like that!
Keep reading…….I promise to reach a few more points.
In the beginning of this  movie Kevin Klein’s character gets off the freeway due to being lost and having car trouble, if I remember it right. It is dark, late at night, and in a bad neighborhood.  He doesn’t really realize he is in a terribly bad place right off the bat. Gangs roam the streets and he is accosted while in a pay phone calling for a tow truck.  The gang members realize Kevin’s character is driving a very nice car and start get more confrontational, headed towards violence with him. Well the  tow truck arrives just in time, driven by a character played by Danny Glover.  Danny’s character knows how to handle the tough gangsters, and saves Kevin’s character’s buttisimo.  So the rest of the movie expounds  the friendship that grows between these two men. Kevin’s character in particular has been  bumping along in his life, but he is awakened to live with more intention and purpose after meeting Danny’s character in that bad neighborhood that dark night. The two men share their lives and struggles with each other, and in doing so they learn more about themselves as individuals. And here is one of my main points in telling you about this movie…..the characters inspire and change each other’s future by their chance meeting in a dark alley.   Danny Glover’s character has always had a dream to go see the Grand Canyon.  Somehow Kevin’s character had never even considered  such a thing until meeting Danny’s character,  but as he gets more situated in his own life he realizes what a cool thing seeing the Grand Canyon with his friend would be.  Now of course there are lots more woven into the story that I haven’t time to tell on Miss Daleen’s blog.  By the end of the movie though, Kevin Klein’s character has reconciled with his wife, and found new inspiration and self-awareness and core values because of meeting Danny Glover’s character. And Danny Glover’s character had met the love of his life and new wife because of Kevin’s character.  They have all have decided to go see and appreciate the Grand Canyon with Danny Glover’s character….so of course that is the closing scene of the movie……all of the main characters standing in awe looking at one of nature’s most beautiful amazing feats.  Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon helps each one of them put their own life in perspective.
So now if I still have your attention let me finish up, and relate the messages in this movie to life.  What I know now is the movie had some very valid points……..sometimes all hell breaks loose.  Sometimes life gives us way more than we can handle, and when we think we can’t take anything else, it hands us something more.  Sometimes we find ourselves in dark scary places, lost in a world we don’t know how to navigate. Sometimes we know we are lost and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we get our bearings right away and help arrives in a timely manner, and sometimes help does not or cannot come.  But every once and awhile, if we are lucky and pay attention, someone simple, but magnificent shows up….and they change the course of our destiny for the better. They positively change our future.  They give us hope and inspiration….that there is a view that is worth seeing,  something that can bring our life meaning and wonder.  And if we can share it together…..it is that much more powerful.
I was lucky enough to reconnect with Daleen after being childhood friends, and we had been disconnected for quite a few years. We were blessed to find recently  there has been much power in sharing our stories, and in doing so we actually look back and appreciate  the view.  We can see the Grand Canyons of our own lives.  Thank you Miss Daleen…..the view is more beautiful with you sharing it with me, indeed! I look forward to the next Grand Canyon we can share ahead.  Xoxoxo