My tribute to Miss Daleen

I’m  painting you a picture of a place you  like to go.

In hopes that when you look at it your face fills with a glow,

with special thoughts and memories of times passed; and yet to come!

May this painting bring you happiness, a place where you will hum!

Take away your troubles and guide you without fear,

God has a special job for you to be my friend my dear.

It requires lots of patience, kindness and most of all,your love;

for our friendship means the world to me, remember turtle doves!

One without the other will find it hard to see, how life would be without you, please get well soon for me!

I hope you like my tribute, as Ms. Daleen as been standing in my corner for a number of years! Always ready with a word of encouragement, a note, an impeccable  handmade purse filled with goodies that made me feel loved and special, Christmas cards, gift ideas, recipes named after me and many more wonderful gifts including my most cherished, her gift of friendship. If you ever get the privilege to meet Ms. Daleen in person, consider yourself one lucky person.  She is truly a remarkable Woman, friend and gift to the world.  Thank you  for the opportunity to be your guest blogger! Love ya Girlie, Ann

Oregon Coast
Oregon Coast

Please note this is a work in progress! An Original Wax Encaustic painting by Ann Francine.  It will be signed, framed and delivered as soon as Ms. Daleen can receive visitors ~ Special thanks to Mr. Right aka Bruce for providing me with the photo!

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