an apple a day…

Red_delicious,_halfAn Apple a Day, keeps the Doctor away.  ~ as long as you throw it hard enough.    That was printed on a great thinking of you card, I recently received.

Earlier in the week, I took a huge, lime green gift bag full of sassy green apples to my surgeon.  I made a tag that said, “an apple a day……… know the rest”.  He laughed.  First time, we had laughed together in 92 days!  He got it and understood.  He said are you?  I said yes sir!  I eat a Red apple a day for a snack and I have one or two juiced apples somewhere in my daily juice.

Red Apples- the RED skin contains super antioxidant cell protection from quercitin as well as ursolic acid & fiber. Keeps the healthy cells healthy and the bad cells at bay.   I top, schmear, dip, slather (love that word)  on heavily with Almond Butter, fresh made weekly.  I have heard you can sprinkle with cinnamon, unsweetened cocoa, coconut, fresh mint or basil leaves.  I am still in the purist stage, taste testing apples first, then I will add some garnish. almond butter

So with all that good information, I had to find a red skinned apple that I liked.  I am not a fan.  period.  I have found totally red skinned apples to be mealy and not appealing.  Daughter in law number one, says, Red Delicious are for a staged production of Snow White.  They look good in the performance, but you don’t see the cast munching on them at intermission.

That said, I have begun my own research test.  I am well into test tasting and pricing.  It is almost amazing that I live in Washington state and we grow and ship apples all over the country. Hard to find a good selection and the price is not a cheap date.   I get my honey from a lady, who rents out her bees to different orchards and cranberry bogs.  We are in some deep trouble here folks.  Bees are dying because of pesticides, we are shipping in apples from other countries and do not get me started on bananas from Peru.  Here is a question:  Is a nice girl from Washington state as well as three or four generations back from Washington state or even further back from Northern Europe, really suppose to be eating bananas and mangos from the Caribbean?  Just more food for thought.

red applesBack to Apples:  Today is day six of trying a different RED apple.  I am certainly up for suggestions.  Please share.  I am still sampling, so far, this is where I stand.

Red Delicious ~ no thanks, we have already discussed the soft, mealy, mushy flesh, looks good in a fruit basket, or on a theater stage.

Pacific Rose ~ about  70 cents, it was crunchy, had a good snap, crisp…very little taste 😦

Fuji ~ about 75 cents, watery, juicy, little flavor, a bit soft, dull (yep, I actually wrote that on my research sheet, ha) who wants a dull apple?

Jazz ~ 70 cents, crisp, great apple flavor, snap, delicious, gold star good

Honey Crisp ~ $2.12 EACH!  tart, delicious, snap, crunch, juicy, great flavor  (not a completely red skin, pricey date, love the flavor)

Yesterday, was the frist time in my life that someone called me a name and I didn’t cringe.  The person said to Mr. Right,  isn’t your wife a health freak?    I heard it and then wanted to be upset and gasp and shudder.  The more I rolled it over on my tongue and through my brain, the more I sort of liked it.

This is one health freak who is going to sit on the deck, drink in some Vitamin D and eat a snack.

Here’s to being a health freak!  Sort of makes me set my shoulders back a little and lift up my chin a bit.  Health Freak, Health Freak, Health Freak, the more I say it, the more I live it, the more,  I like it.

Here’s to our good health!

10 thoughts on “an apple a day…

  1. Hello my dear!,
    My personal favorite apple is Gala. I am not a fan of Red Delicious either. I do like Honey Crisp but as you said, really expensive. And I too am worried about the whole bee issue. My Jim has a few hives and we are trying to do our part to save the bees.
    Just wanted to let you know- I tried to “Like” your post but it keep saying “Loading”. Maybe it’s just on my end but wanted to let you know.
    xo Joanne
    PS. I want to try almond butter on apples. Now that sounds YUMMY!

  2. Hi there girlfriend, great that you stopped by. Okay, Gala is on the line up for tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion. Also, great big human kind thank you to your Mr. Right for raising bees! We all appreciate his and your efforts. Society is better because of you and your bees.
    Thanks for checking in and offering up a smile. Love that about you. You always have enough to share. Love ya, D

    1. Hi there & thanks for stopping by. I tried and enjoyed a Gala a couple days ago. I have a McIntosh to try today. I did love the Honey Crisp (a blush not a true red skin) and it was indeed worth it. Still sampling what the world has to offer.
      Let’s get together and have apple and almond butter snacks one day soon? All in the name of research of course!

  3. I love apples and have one most days…all-time favorite is Gravenstein (red streaks) but I am seldom able to find them. My grandparents had a huge Gravenstein tree and we ate them fresh, had applesauce and frozen sliced apples all winter thanks to Grandma’s hard work every fall. I never buy Red Delicious…they should rename them Red Dullsquishes!!! Blah!
    I also like Jazz, Honey Crisp, Pink Lady, Gala, McIntosh, Jonathan, Jonagold (cross between Jonathan and Golden Delicious) — not 100% red but what’s a girl to do!!???
    (side note: I don’t think Golden Delicious are delicious at all…another blah tasting apple to my taste buds.)
    Have fun on your apple quest 🙂

    1. Oh girlfriend, I remember Gravenstein apples from years ago, yum! I “HEART” your name for Red “Dullsquishes”, hahaha………I thought I was the only one who made up “needed” words and called some apples dull. Thanks for stopping by and for helping a girl on an apple quest. Love all your suggestions and I am checking them off one by one. I say you come for a visit, we sit in the gazebo and eat apple slices with almond butter and drink fresh apple juice while being barefoot and happy!

  4. Nancy

    Have you tried a pink lady yet? Pink, not red. Sometimes you can buy Jonagolds that are more on the red side. You’ll need to check out a good farmers market in September when the apples are fresh to get a true taste.

    1. Hello and thanks a million for stopping by. A special thanks for the suggestion. Okay, last week, I tried: McIntosh and Gala and a few of previously tried orbs of goodness. Okay, I am going to try a pink lady next. I honestly don’t want to rush through spring and summer just to get to fall…………but girlfriend, fresh apples in September sounds like just the ticket! Thanks for sharing. You made my day sweeter! stop back by any ol time!

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