ding dong, dash

paper flowersYou know those people, we all do, who have a “thing”?  …20 years later, the divorced woman who is still bitter and nasty, the person who has always worn all black and can’t figure out how to change and wear a cute tennis sweater,  the straight A student who can’t let it go, hasn’t continued to self educate and still has to talk about their SAT scores from 1985?

I don’t want to be one of those people.  I have been in a bit of a blue mood as of late.  Well, HELLO May Day!  Hello, happiness and goodness and a lighter feeling.  I am so over the moon, ready for a happy positive month.  We have birthday’s and graduations and weddings and more birthdays and the rest of you (who didn’t already celebrate with style) have Mother’s day and who knows what great things might happen in May?  I for one am ready for it.  Count me in.  Sign me up.  Hey, pick me! 

azealasGrowing up we had a huge Azalea bush by the front door.  So big and lush that my Dad had to trim it back each year.  It was a stunning, intense pink.  I love the woody stems, as they were super easy to break off.  In our backyard near the garden my parents had a couple of Lilac bushes.  Loved those woody stems, too.

The neighbor girl (still my friend 45+years later) and I would make bouquets from Lilacs and Azaleas and whatever other flowers we could find.  Some years there were still daffodils to snag or a stray tulip would still be in the yard.  Using construction paper we would make paper cones with a paper handle.  We used a stapler to put them together. We were serious and worked hard on making the best bouquets.  Actually they were little tussie mussies, small little hand-held bouquets that we would tie together with some string or scotch tape.

When we were done with the serious part of collecting, arranging, making the cones…………….on to the fun part.  We would walk next door to Mrs. Skaggs and hide around the fence.  We would put down everything else and choose the best one for her.  We would quietly (as quiet as two young, giggling,  girls with big feet they had yet to grow into could be) sneak up to her front door.  We would hang the flower filled cone on her door knob, then one of us would ring the door bell and we would DASH away and run as fast as we could, breathing heavy and excited with our hearts pounding, our feet dancing wildly and our hair flying.  Back safe behind the fence to regroup and plan our next attack.  We still had Mrs. Dalkey and Mrs. Irish to sneak May Day flowers to.  Side note:  Isn’t it funny, none of the ladies in our neighborhood had first names?   We repeated the process over and over.  Ding, Dong, Dash!  We even hung them on our own front doors to “surprise” our mothers.  Each year by the end of the May Day afternoon we were sweaty and our hands were super dirty and our play clothes were a bit grass stained.  Our hair was a tangled mess of blond and brown and we had smiles a mile wide.  I am guessing we didn’t know why we felt so satisfied and happy.  We planned something, did the work, made it happen and in the process (yes, stayed out of our mother’s hair) and made some neighborhood ladies very happy.  I want to believe that the bouquets were beautiful and charming, sort of pinterest worthy.   In reality, they were most likely just smooshed  together with as many colors and stems we could stuff into the paper cones. lilacs

Today, I am making a paper flower chain.  I have the “chain” part……….a green silk vine that I will adhere the paper flowers to.  All different colors of paper flowers will grace the chain.  They are drying right now.  I put glue in the center and sprinkled glitter, lots and lots of glitter.  On each flower, I wrote and am writing the names of all my friends.   I am writing all the things that make me happy.  All kinds of happy moments and dogs names and sister in law’s names and favorite foods and flowers and seasons and more.  Mr. Right will have his own flower.  He will smile, but cringe inside (a tough Army guy shouldn’t have his name on a flower, ha).  Sweet grandgirlies each have their own flower.  I certainly don’t want to be one of those people who can’t just be happy.  I am choosing to be a dancing, happy girl on May Day and continue on through the beautiful month of May.

Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect.  It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections.

6 thoughts on “ding dong, dash

  1. Jan

    I remember the same process being carried out a few miles away from you when i was young. I loved May day:-) and still do.
    It seems like such a hopful happy day.

  2. What a beautiful post Daleen! I can just see you running from door to door with beautiful May Day bouquets. My mom’s 84th birthday was yesterday and it is fitting she has a May Day birthday; she is beautiful inside and out. I shared your post on my Katherine’s Daughter Facebook page! Thank you! xo Joanne

  3. Hi there friend,
    What a lovely compliment. Thank you kindly for sharing girls dashing about with flowers on your face book page.
    It is simply lovely how kind you speak of your mom. She did something very right. You are a smart, kind and sweet girl.
    May we all bathe in the Grace of the month of May.
    Happy, Happy to you! Hugs from the left coast.

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