he loves me, he loves me

DSCN0912According to scientific research done by my sisters and I, I should have 9 children!  We used to do the “daisy test” all the time.  Pluck the petals one at a time……..he loves me, he loves me not.  While Mr. Right reminds me several times a day & on a daily basis that he loves me, the next part of the research, squashing the middle part of the daisy into the palm of your hand, then throwing your hand wildly in the air, leaving how many children you will eventually have………..may not be quite as accurate.  We ended up with two boys, who married two girls and two grandgirlies……………that does not equal 9……….hey, that must mean we will eventually have 3 more grand babies???????  oh how I love science……..gives such hope.

Yesterday, after making our bed for the first time in over 2 weeks, I celebrated.  I celebrated May Day by working on wellness and healing.  First, I haven’t done much if any crafts in a few months.  I have been saving this one for the right day.  Yesterday was it.

DSCN0905First supplies:  I took a card table out to the deck. (I am not sure if we have ever used the “card” table to play cards?)  I set it up, on the deck,  in the bright spring sunshine.  Went back to get a chair, some Elmer’s glue, glitter, paper flowers, silk green vine and a pen.   No, I did not put a bit of toxic laden sunscreen on my skin.  I was there for healing and gathering as much vitamin D as possible, and oh good gravy did it feel good to warm my bones and soul.  Crank up the music, momma’s gonna get her crafty groove on!

The original craft idea was to make a fun & happy daisy paper chain for May Day.  Oh my, it turned into something a bit more happy, sassy, wonderful and healing.  While the directions don’t say, “use a lot of glue and oodles of glitter and make a bit of a mess”  I thought it would liven up the afternoon a bit.  Also, the directions did not say itDSCN0907 would take over three hours of folding each flower (16 flowers, four layers each, each layer had nine petals…..yes, I counted) to complete the project.  Nor did the directions state that it would be three hours of healing and wellness.

I took my pen and on each petal wrote the names of every single person that has helped me navigate this silly pickle I have gotten myself into.  I wrote their names in pretty clear penmanship (something that has been lacking in the last few months), I wrote the names of people who have made me happy and the names of people who have lifted my spirits, sent cards, sent flowers, brought treats, sent funny emails, shared a funny video, a healing video, a book, an article or story and the names of girlfriends who warmed my heart and soul.  I listed the names of animals that have helped me heal………….Liberty, Fry, Kola, Cozmo, Rem.  I listed the types of foods that are helping me to heal.  I listed all the ingredients in the healing juices that Mr. Right makes for me daily.  I listed the names of my children and grandgirlies.  I wrote down the names of my sister in-laws, brother in-laws, nieces, neighbors, friends, acquaintances that have had a part in moving me towards healing.  I listed the things that make me happy.  On another petal, I listed all the places that have made me happy.  Next flower, I listed all the places that I want to visit.  I listed all things that I do that makes me happy and healthy.  One flower, I chose to write only about Mr. Right.  He is an amazing partner in crime.  I really have tested his vow of “in sickness and in health”……he passes with and A++++++.  I listed all the DSCN0908wonderful and amazing traits of his character on his own special flower.  While I did not choose a “girlie” colored flower to write upon, & he did he smile when I showed him the vine of daisies……..I think he winced a little (it is a bit rough for a tough old Army guy to have his own perky daisy dedicated to him).

A made bed, better penmanship, sunshine warmed bones & spirit, list upon list of happy things, people, places, foods and a finished happy, cheerful, colorful, delightful paper daisy chain………….life might not look like this every day, however for this moment in time………….in our home, DSCN0911this is what wellness and happy healing look like.

I don’t want to be a stinky poo poo girl, I want to be a happy flower child. ~drew barrymore

ps.  today is day 100 of healing and wellness!

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  1. I love the saying “we write to taste life twice”. I was happy when I made the flower chain, happy when I wrote about it………now happy to read it made you happy! Holy Cow that’s three times the happiness!!! woohoo! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Can you tell it makes me smile? 🙂

  2. Layer upon layer of happiness and joy! Love that you were able to make the bed and use your lovely hand-writing all the while soaking up the glorious sun we have not seen in FAR too long!!! Thanks for sharing your great idea…blessings to you and Mr. Right

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