Happy Birthday and here’s to many more!

space needle at nightSaturday morning, I decided to put on denim capri pants with white polka dots, a white t-shirt and a yellow cotton warm up jacket.  I included white ankle socks and white sneakers.  I was all comfortable and ready for a day at the zoo with our grandgirlies.  We had an over the top, silly, laughter filled fun time.  They took me to lunch and gave me a card with a big ol elephant on the front.  Turned into a day of pure goodness.  Papa Bruce bought popcorn and he captured two little girls and two big girl’s hearts.  We are a popcorn lovin’ group of gals.  Nice and comfortable and well fed on junk food, ready to explore the zoo.

51 years plus one month, my mother, father, grandmother and grandfather woke up and got dressed.  They put on white shirts, suits and ties.  They put on church dresses, stockings, high heels and my grandmother even wore a fancy small hat to match her dress.  They wore earrings and I am guessing that all four of them had freshly shined shoes.   I don’t remember much, as I was one month old and in the stroller.  They had planned and read about and saved up.  The entire family was going to the World’s Fair held in Seattle!  My mother and father had  decided that it was “safe” to take a newborn, who was past the thirty-day mark, out in public with all those terrible germs.  I honestly do not remember the event.  I did hear them over the years, reminiscing about the occasion.    I sort of can’t fathom how you would have had a baby thirty days prior, get dressed up in stockings on a hot spring day, put on your best high heels and hike around the Seattle Center?  Seattle worlds fair

Mr. Right invited me to dinner.  Tonight we dine at the top of the Space Needle to celebrate my Birthday!  Yippy.  Yes, I am wearing a dress.  Yes, he is wearing a white shirt and tie.  Yes, I am wearing high heels and great earrings.  He is using the valet parking so I don’t have to walk the three blocks from the parking lot.    We are enjoying a really hot and clear day, the view should be stunning from the top.  I just spoke to my sister-in-law, she was talking about her Dad.  I loved her Dad.  I love him more today.  When going out to a restaurant, he ordered dessert first.  He didn’t want to fill up on food and then miss out on dessert!  Love how that man thought.  So, to honor Mr. Smith (I feel I should to be respectful and all), I am ordering dessert first and then my meal.

Tonight, I while wearing high heels and a sassy spring dress………….I eat dessert first and we CELEBRATE!  May I choose to be this happy every day of my life!space needle with Mount Rainier

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and here’s to many more!

    1. It has already been a GREAT day. Thanks for adding to the goodness. 🙂 A present came in today’s mail. I am trying to wait until later to open……..curiosity is killing me…..I am going to wait……I am going to wait………… why? Really, what am I thinking? ha Thanks for thinking of me.

  1. Myla

    I am sooooo envious, what a view you will have tonight!! I whole heartedly agree with you about dessert first. In your honor ~ I will have dessert first also! : } Have a joyous and spectactular time!!
    RL, M

    1. Why yes, I had Crème Brulee first, before the appetizer of deep friend Beecher’s Cheese topped with a sprinkling of cheese…….. oh la la………….. I thought of you and we toasted with our ice teas to you and all the goodness you bring into our lives. The view was spectacular just like you!

  2. Kathie

    Hooray… a sasssssy new spring dress, pretty,no wait, gorgeous jewelry and a date night with Mr. Amazingly Right. What a birthday celebration!! You deserve today and so many more wonderful days.

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