What are you doing June 1st?

DSCN0963One of my guilty pleasures …………SHOES.  Admitting you have a problem is just the first step!  I love the classic designs.  I adore silly summer flip-flops.  (Mr. Right came through with a sassy pair for my birthday.)  They are covered in bling and just beg for a perfect pedicure.  I love the way they make me feel.  I am over the moon happy with wearing high heels to church.  I love the feel of the heel sinking in a bit with the carpet.  I love the sound of little kids trying on adult shoes and clopping and clicking their way through usually a kitchen floor to “hear” the grown up sound.  I love buying the grandgirlies little sized shoes.  The two recent pairs I  bought had polka dots covering them, sure made me smile.  Then when they tried them on, they had a little dog toy squeaker in the heels and with each step they squeaked!  drove the dogs mad, hahaha.  That little surprised made me squeal with happiness.  I have written about, fussed over, worn, written about again, the shoes I wore and DANCED in for son number two’s wedding.  Geesh, I love those bronze beauties.

Here is a little secret, well not top security clearance secret and some of you already know this about me, I LOVE to go barefoot.  Simply love it.  When I was a little girl, my mother did not approve of little girls going barefoot.  It was not proper and it simply was not done.  My sisters and I wore Salt Water Sandals.  Once buckled on each summer morning, we wore them throughout the active carefree days.  We spent many an hours on the beach and we could go in to the water knowing our sandals were okay and would not be ruined.  Somehow, I figured out a way to slip my feet out of my sandals and bend them backwards with just the strap around my ankle.  The leather shoe part would flap behind me and ruin the tops. salt water sandals

My mother said I was so “hard” on shoes.  She never understood why my feet would get so dirty.  Sometimes, she would change the evening bath water and replace with fresh, as we were so dirty from playing all day long at the beach and in the flower gardens. I learned what pedicures were from an early age.  Girls did not go to bed with dirty or rough heels.    I just love the feeling of freshly tilled garden soil on my feet.  I adore the feeling of mud squishing between my toes.  Oh good gravy, don’t even get me started on the feel of sand on my bare feet.  oh la la  I adore the feeling of pool side concrete that has been warmed by the summer sun.  I like hopping like a crazy girl on the hot pavement and the feeling of pea gravel underfoot to run to the mailbox.

Without going into great detail, I will tell you a teeny tiny secret about Mr. Right.  He is not a fan of me going barefoot.  He doesn’t say it often, he doesn’t give me a disapproving look, nor does he judge me.  He just wishes that I would “put something on my feet” so that I don’t step on a bee (yes, stung many a times), or step on a scorpion (almost in Oklahoma, tough place to go barefoot) or have an ant bite my little toe (yes, just recently) or get a sliver from the deck (too many times to count) he would prefer “something on my feet”.

I am actually barefoot as I type.  I am barefoot when I use my sewing machine for hours on end.  I actually love to play the piano barefoot and slip off my shoes when I begin.  I love the feeling of the outdoor carpeting in our gazebo, my bare feet love the feeling.   I am going to be painfully honest here………………I choose to go barefoot.  I have a closet full of shoes and sandals and flip-flops and I have bent your ear more than once about my sassy cowgirl boots.  I am extremely blessed, lucky, fortunate, grateful, thankful and live a life that allows me to buy shoes I don’t even wear that much.   Sort of smarts to say that out loud.  Yes, I choose to go barefoot.

That brings us to June 1st.  Go Barefoot for the day! http://www.daysoftheyear.com/days/go-barefoot-day/ Google it, find it on face book, ask your friends if they have heard about going barefoot for the day.  I really, really love the idea.  They had me at Barefoot.    The idea is pretty simple, some folks are not as fortunate as us, yeah, who know?  Wake up folks, tell your kids, tell your grandgirlies, tell your world…..there are people in our community who do not choose to go barefoot for the summer months.  They can’t afford shoes.  So come June 1st ………..please join me in not wearing shoes for the day.  Yep, you heard me.  Get your family to join you.  Mark it on the calendar in ink.  Talk about it at dinner tonight.

There is a really great foundation called   http://www.soles4souls.org/ Started in Nashville, USA, they collect shoes from stores and folks like us and give to kiddos and adults that can’t afford shoes.  I am going through my closet.  I am gathering all the shoes that I “just had to have” paid too much money for and they are still sitting in their little cardboard box with tissue paper gently cradling their soles. DSCN0965 I have a sassy pair of “penny loafer” shiny black sandals that I had to have and have not had to wear them.  It does not speak highly of me.  I am not proud of that fact.  To continue, I have a couple of pairs of shoes that I have worn once or twice.  Just not me, never took them back, didn’t fit quite right, never returned them through the mail……….whatever the reason.  They live in my closet all safe and sound.

During the next couple of weeks, we are taking some of our charity money to purchase some fun and happy and silly and cheerful summer shoes for kiddos and teenagers. I am not a shopping fan…………however, ask me to shop for shoes and I am your girl!!!!  I already have more than my fair share of summer shoes.  No, I am not a converted Saint………….I have my eye on YET ANOTHER pair out there in internet land……………………  I was just thinking that to get my shoe fix in the next couple of weeks, I would shop for someone else.

We have plenty of places to donate shoes around our very own community.  I have friends who would love to have a new pair of not worn sandals.  There are a couple of insurance companies and mattress companies who are accepting shoe donations for foster kids.  I have a friend who works with the Lion’s club and by golly, they accept new or worn once shoes.

It is high time I have a look into my own soul.  I am very grateful for what I have and the life I have been given.  Maybe it’s time, I stop being a shoe hog and share a little of that goodness.  I am using a fat, bright purple sharpie to mark our calendar.  I will be going barefoot.  Will you join me?  Get a bold marker and go circle the date.  Get up and do it now before you forget.  Will you tell others?  Will you tell your kiddos and spouses?  June 1st for me will be a good reminder of just how grateful I really am.  Will I rise to the occasion and put my shoes behind all my talking?  Count me in.  Count my ten little piggies in.   I am on a journey.  I am walking barefoot and in heels, through a journey of healing and wellness.  The foundation of healing and wellness is gratitude and giving.  Those two things will help us all on our journey.  Let’s begin by giving shoes this summer.  Figure it out, you don’t have to give to an organization.  Heck no.  Give a pair of sneakers to a boy down the street.  Pay for athletic shoes of your nephew who lives 6 states away.  Make the choice to be grateful for the shoes on your feet.  I would love to hear how you use creativity and sass to give something from your soul.

When our boys were teenagers, I would write daily messages on the bathroom mirror in lipstick.  I was trying to get their attention. We tried to live our lives as examples.  I am renewing my example.  Looking at how our guys turned out, I think they got some of the messages…………….

“To whom much is given, much is required”

4 thoughts on “What are you doing June 1st?

  1. As I read this, I am barefoot and with a fresh pedicure! The color is by OPI and it’s called “Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink!”. I love going barefoot and I especially love the feeling of sand beneath my feet at the beach. Your post is beautiful today and just what I needed. I will happily promote “Barefoot Day” on June 1st!! xo Joanne

  2. I knew I LOVED you! I just knew it. A girl who loves the sand beneath her toes. Oh, I am a bit giddy…..I adore “Not so Bora Bora-ing Pink”. I am choosing that color next and will certainly think of you! Thanks for joining me on a barefoot walk! Hugs from the left coast!

  3. I love going barefoot but seldom do it any more…nothing like taking a few steps on the entry slate to help cool a hot flash!!! Love the heat of the deck in summer and the coolness of the grass, sand at the beach. Thanks for sharing your find 🙂

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