Would you like me to take your picture?

For over 31 years, our family has had the privilege of travel.

palaceOf course while living in Europe, we were able to see the landmarks that are mostly found on the cover of jig saw puzzle boxes.  We have prayed in the most amazing cathedrals.  We have hiked up 400+ stairs and were there to see lightning strike the angel Gabriel atop Mont St. Michele. mont st michele We have stood in the bunkers at Normandy and had tears in our eyes as we gazed at the now empty beaches.  Mr. Right ran up, I took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  We have stood in line to visit our nations’ capital. We have made funny faces in the mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.  We have seen Mt. Rushmore, The Corn Palace (a must see), the Crystal Cathedral, we have been passed by senior citizen nunscastle while hiking up to visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany.  louvreWe have even toured more factories than you can shake a stick at……. Hershey, Yankee Candle, Maple Syrup, Applets and Cotlets, Mercedes, wooden shoe factory in Holland, Tillamook Cheese and the list goes on and on.

Sometimes while visiting monuments or castles, there is no one around to take our picture.  So we take each others or hold the camera out in front of us to capture the moment in time.

After dining at the Space Needle this past Monday, we walked around the observation deck.  I started to notice a trend.  Everyone, well almost everyone, was looking at their phones.  They were texting their friends to tell them where they were.  They were snapping a couple of pictures here and there to post on face book.  We passed by table after table, group after group….all looking at their cell phones, iPhones, little devices that were in the palm of their hands.  I wanted to scream.  LOOK at the VIEW!  Be in the Moment!  Breathe it in People!  Memorize this moment in time so you can think back and relive the wonderful time in your life.  Look at the person you are touring with.  Talk about where you are.  Be Still and just be.  space needle with Mount Rainier

We chose to leave our cell phones in the glove compartment of our car.  We did indeed bring our camera.  So while I am acting all high and mighty about “be in the moment”, yes, we do like to take a couple of pictures to remember and to share.   I am too judgmental sometimes.  The times they are a changin’ Gladys!  Let’s move and embrace the future?  While I still think some of us could put down the cell phones just a bit……………………………something hit me……………………………………………smack me silly and call me Sally!

People were gracious and offering to help.  Yes, you read that correctly.  People young and old were offering to help each other take pictures!  The young tattooed hipster was taking a picture of a 60 something couple in their Sunday best.  A young girl about 10 was taking a group picture for some teenage girls.  People were talking to each other and offering to help preserve their moment in time.  Many languages were being spoken, some were pantomiming they would “snap” a picture.  Now, whether those pictures get printed and put into a sterling silver frames or they get posted instantly to Facebook or some other social media is up to the individual people.

I thought it was lovely, simply lovely to know that manners & kindness were alive and well.  People willing to help each other take a simple picture of their group.  Yes, it is a small thing.  It was a small thing that I was so happy to see.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.  ~Oscar Wilde

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