apples, perfume & flies, Oh My!

APPLEApple update:  Braburn…….. 84 cents, juicy, good apple smell, pretty outside color, a bit soft for my tastes, drew a sad face on my paper

Pink Lady….63 cents, good color, good apple smell, sweet, nice snap, a bit of a nice tang, drew a happy face with curly hair.

Thanks for the suggestions, I am trying my best to locate and try every one.  I am still eating them with a bit of almond butter and I still love the combination.

FABULOUS by Isaac Mizrahi…………tried the little teeny sample spray while away at the beach.  I must say, I think I am falling in love with it.  I will try another day or so to get a good feel.  Yes, I am still committed to Oscar de La Renta and Mr. Right loves that stuff.  I just like trying a new scent every now and then for something a little different.  NO, I do not put it on my skin.  I spray it on my clothing.  Yes, I know it will stain the fabric or worse…………I am not willing to put that directly on my skin.  The packaging says “a modern mix of clean sensuality and confidence with a mysterious allure that leaves you craving more….”  Gee, how long did it take them to come up with that?  I would say it has a light floral scent, doesn’t smell cheap and it smells pretty.  done.   Love the polka dot top too!perfume

While visiting several shops and galleries in a resort town recently, we noticed zip loc baggies hanging from door ways with a cup or so of water in them.  Supposedly it works as a natural trick to keep the flies outside.  I am in the middle of my experiment as I type.  I did see a fly in the bedroom earlier.  Maybe left over from yesterday?  I will give a full report lock bag

4 thoughts on “apples, perfume & flies, Oh My!

  1. I’ll have to try a Pink Lady!
    My favorite perfumes are Chanel #5, and Clinique Happy Heart! I actually like to buy the body lotion instead of the perfume. It doesn’t kick up my sinus’ as much….
    Where did you buy Fabulous? A department store? xo Joanne

    1. Hi there, highly recommend the Pink Lady. 🙂 I received the Fabulous sample in my Birch Box this month. It is a great way to try new things that I have not thought of trying before. I too, love the lotions instead of the perfumes. Love how you think!
      I am smiling thinking of you eating a sassy Pink Lady apple!

  2. Kathie

    Pink Lady gets my vote. Very affordable and delish. Will have to try with almond butter.

    “Fabulous” says it all. I am thinking it was made just for you. Polka dot top and all!!

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