tied with a ribbon

imagesCAEHP19EIn our home, as each birthday card arrives and for a week or two after the celebration we display the greeting cards on little stands and clutter then around that.  It is cheerful, uplifting and fun to look at the jumbled mess of color splashes and silly pictures of elephants, balloons, flowers, umbrellas, more flowers and this year a rather jaunty otter!  I usually tuck in the mother’s day cards I have received as well.  The cards come from our children, grandgirlies, godchildren and usually one from the dog, haha.  Lots of flowers pictured with gorgeous hues and usually a silly one thrown in for sass.  They are a jumble of sizes and colors and texture.

A couple of days after the celebration, I look at each again and either cut out a favorite picture, put a couple up on my sewing room bulletin board and sadly toss the remainder.

I just can’t seem to do it this year.  I still have all the cards up and I keep looking at them.  I love the sayings and the silliness.  It makes me happy to have them where I can see them and grab some of that good feeling again.

Secretly in my cedar chest I have packets of cards.  I have them tied with various fat luscious satin ribbons.  One stack is from my 16th birthday.  One stack of cards is from our 10 year vow renewal.  I have the stack of cards tied in a beautiful, silver, satin ribbon from our 25th wedding anniversary.imagesCAGBF40N

I know this year was not a “special” number or a special occasion.  I just have this feeling, when I go to take them down, I will find a saucy, bright and cheerful polka dot ribbon that I can use to tie up all the goodness and put them in my cedar chest.  I just can’t let it go this year.   Just not ready to throw them out.  Somehow I need to hang on to them.  They seem to be helping me and making me feel better.

cardsBirthdays have taken on a new celebratory meaning.  Here, Here to the person who decided we should take a moment each year to celebrate the goodness of life.  Being the party girl feels lovely.   Celebrating for a week to mark the occasion was a wonderful idea.  Next year, I plan on doing the same.

Seeing these wonderful little cards of artful pictures and photography and silliness, reminds me ever so gently to put my heart and soul into cards that I send to others.  You just never know what a difference they make in someone’s life.


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  1. Kathie

    From one ribbon tied card bundler to another… keep on tying all those heartfelt and yes silly wish together. It will give our children something to do one of these days!! I love looking back at them.

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