to have and to hold

One of the lovely things about having your own blog is that you can write about really wonderful celebrations and relive them by writing and reading them over and over.

I have been unable to pursue my hobbies for the last six months.  The old noggin just would not work enough to allow me to cross stitch, sew, quilt, practice the piano, read a recipe …you get the idea.  So when an opportunity presented its self, I forced myself to try.  Taking that first leap back into my hobbies and passions, felt really good.  A bit scary, but the time had come and I was more than anxious to begin again.

One of my favorite things to stitch is a lovely heart-felt piece for a friends’ birthday or a brand new monogram.

Today, as I type this, a young couple of “kids”  are getting hitched.  Tying the knot.  Making it legal.  Stomping on a glass.  Jumping over the broom.  Sealing it with a kiss.   We have the pleasure of knowing the grooms’ parents.  To say they are beside themselves with joy is the understatement of the year!  Everyone is so happy and excited for this union of two souls.  Their hearts are intertwined and will be for ever more.   We send the new couple and their families our heartfelt and hearty congratulations and our very best wishes!

I for one was over the moon happy.  I went to my sewing room and got out a lovely piece of oatmeal colored Irish 28 count linen.   I found my graph paper and started the process.  Yes, I love the process.  I love choosing the fabric, the thread.  I love deciding the curls or the straight lines.  I love deciding the size of the font.  I adore choosing the perfect frame when it is almost completed.  Finding that center point and making a stitch helps me find my beginning.  I adore that very first stitch almost as much as the last.  DSCN1000

When I stitch for a young couple I try to pray for them as I go along.  I wish them health and happiness in their marriage.  In the middle somewhere, I had to stop and rip out several stitches (because I use hand dyed thread, I have to get it out of the linen quick like a bunny as not to stain the fabric).  I am constantly checking and counting and double checking to make sure everything is going along according to plan.  Even with a couple of set backs and mistakes repaired, I was smiling through the process.  It felt wonderful to be back at “it” again.

As I stitched along & the hours slipped by, I prayed for their lives together.  I hoped for them a good solid beginning to a wonderful family life that will unfold before them.  I wished them oodles and oodles of respect for each other.  I wished for them good times and common sense on how to approach and deal with the bumpy times.  As I stitched, I want them to remember that Mr. Right and I will be in their corner, always.  Lifting them up and praying for them.  We will continue to set a good example of how married folks treat each other.  We love, respect, adore, honor and yes, play practical jokes on one another.  Marriage seems to be a difficult and tough relationship to figure out.  When you hear of someone making the choice to marry, help them out. Lift them up.  Stand silently in their corner and wish them goodness.  Invite them to your home for dinner.  Make the effort to show how much value you see in the life they have chosen.    When your friends are about to celebrate their 39th Wedding Anniversary, for Pete sakes send them a card!  Tell them how happy you are for their celebration of love.  Stand up and be counted.  Make an effort to remember these special dates.  Good gravy, Hallmark must sell those anniversary cards to someone?  Or be a little crafty and make a card!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Cut out some magazine pictures and glue them on a piece of card stock.  You do not have to be the best trained card maker.  Make the effort.  We all need to help one another.

Here’s a thought:  What if every single person who attends the wedding/reception today also sends the newlyweds a one year anniversary card?  What if every single person who sent these two young people a card in the mail this week, also sends them a card May 2014?  What if we all sent yearly cards of encouragement to celebrate year after year?  What if this young couple had to answer to oodles and oodles of friends and family about what fun and happy things they have woven into their first year of marriage?  Oh sure sending a case of toilet paper on their first “cotton” anniversary would be silly and goofy and funny, but what about remembering to lift them up in prayer and sending them a card to say you have them in your heart?  Would it make it more real?  Would it build this relationship into something very, very difficult to break apart?  Would it be easier for young couples to make it through the first year or two or seven?

As I stitch the brand new monogram, I have this feeling of privilege that I have chosen to step into.  Stitching their letters together makes it seem real.  Oh sure, the state of Washington will take their money and offer up a piece of paper that says it is real.  A person of the cloth will say all the right things and offer up their blessing that will make it sound and feel real.  When I took a pen to the outside of the card and wrote Mr. & Mrs.  for the first time for them, it seemed real.  I can’t begin to tell you the feeling in my stomach when I put that very last stitch into the gift.  In my own very real way, I marked the ceremony and after  working those letters together, I have lifted up my voice to say:  I am so happy for you!  I am delighted to share in your goodness!  I lift up my needle and thread and salute you with sincere and heartfelt celebration!  May this union of two hearts and souls be bathed in the goodness of a great marriage long after my thread has faded.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jackson!

“…and the two shall be called one.”  Matthew 19:5

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  1. This is a lovely post Daleen. Thanks for all your good wishes for the kids. They just love the gift you made for them. It was beautiful. The newlyweds are settling in to their place and cooked their first meal together lastnight. They are happy to be beginning this journey together.

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