A man came to son number two place of business today.  He brought his $500,000.00 car.  He wants it wrapped in a solid
pee yellow color.   He proceeded to show #2, his Rolex and his shoes and his jewelry. rolex #2 mentioned that he thought Mr. Money bags was trying to impress him.

He would not shake my son’s  hand.  He made some comments about the tattoos.

#2 sent me a text.  Telling me that money sure doesn’t buy class.

He also said thanks for not raising us to be jerks.

I wrote back and said even if we were not your parents you wouldn’t have ended up being a jerk.  I said I was more impressed and curious of people who were very, very wealthy and wore a $69.00 watch.  It made me wonder why?  I don’t need to “get to know” Mr. Money bags with the bad taste.  I know everything I want/need to know about him.

I told him a couple of people won’t shake my hand or talk to me because I am sick.  You wouldn’t want to catch “cancer” now would you?

I told him people are idiots.

It still hurt my feelings that people (I mean idiots) would be so rude to other human beings…,in this case our son.

I wonder……………..if you shake a person’s hand who has tattoos…………….does their creativity, intelligence, loyalty and kindness rub off on you?

Just wondering?   Well, just wondering and venting as only a mother hen could. mother hen

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  1. When I meet people who are different than myself, I try to accept and love them for who they are. It’s hard but we are all God’s children, yes? (And I admit, this is challenging at times! 🙂

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