1,2,3 instant happy

Why oh why do people dress up their dogs in human clothing? It makes me sad.  I think the dogs are sad too.

I miss the game show “Pyramid”.

I loved laying on my bed, a million years ago, reading a brand new “Seventeen” magazine.  I grew up with a white ruffled bedspread with matching curtains.  I must have painted my bedroom 27 times.  My parents said I would get tired of the orange paint pretty quick.  What did they know?  …………turns out, two months in, I hated it.  I lived with it for about 8 months to “prove” that I loved it.

jelloI loved  ” 1, 2, 3 Jell-O”.  How many chemicals and colorings were in that to make it separate?  yikes.  My mother always, always served dessert after dinner.  My sisters and I would beg her to make 1,2,3 Jell-O.  I don’t remember it tasting all that great.  I guess we just loved the look.  It came in other flavors too.

When did buying a new blender become such a huge ordeal?  Don’t you just go to the store and buy one?  I have watched you-tube videos about blenders, I have read literature, I have watched infomercials on the computer…………….okay already, I decided on a Blend-Tec.  Gee, who knew you would have to clean out your household goods envelope of money for a new small appliance?

Who knew I would love having my daily morning juice of three carrots, one red pepper, one orange, 1/2 a lemon and an inch of turmeric & it would taste so good out of a mason jar with a bright orange straw?

I have fallen head over heels in love with the color orange lately.  I collected orange fabrics while on a trip to Oregon.  I am making a quilt.  Already made 5 blocks and plan on making more today.  I just love the color and the happy feel it gives off.  DSCN1027I want to make a couple of smaller lap quilts.  Like the one I received as a gift.  NO, I still have no idea who sent it to me.  No, I am not trying to figure it out.  I figured out that it was my job to be thankful and grateful without question.  YES, YES, YES………….I have used it on every appointment and that quilt has helped me through five surgeries in two months!  I want to make a couple of quilts to be able to give away.  I use my quilt almost every single day and it brings me such comfort and it makes me feel protected.  I want to give that feeling in the form of a quilt  to someone else who needs it.  I already have a couple of names on my list.  Being in my sewing room, makes me thankful that I feel well and creative.  It is a good feeling.


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