coffee, my way

Once I removed sugar and dairy from my life, I still crave a coffee treat once in a while.  Hey, I live in the Pacific Northwest.  This is an area of the country where towns that don’t even have a post office, have an espresso stand.  gessh.

I take cream in my coffee.  I actually use coconut cream.  I like it a touch sweet.  So I like agave nectar swirled in.  Not every little coffee-house has these additions.  So……… is my solution for travelling this summer.  I found a wonderful happy, summer colored, bright and cheerful yellow gingham purse.  Well, not a real purse.  It is an insulated tote that looks like a purse.  So I can tote along my coconut creamer and my agave nectar and keep them nice and chilled.  I can still get a treat of a specialty coffee and doctor it up to my liking.  Hey, might even tuck in a coconut macaroon treat to enjoy with my coffee?  Summer travel just took on a whole new vibe.  I for one am excited to get out there!

Love and am grateful and thankful for this sassy invention.  Makes me a happy girl. k36804_240

6 thoughts on “coffee, my way

  1. Carmen

    I love it!! What a great idea!! You seem to find the best things. Thanks for sharing your finds with all of us. 🙂

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