Say Grace for junk food!

Okay, picture this………….phone unplugged, feet propped up, television on, game seven in the Blackhawks vs. Redwings Hockey series.  The tension builds, the lights are swirling in the arena.  The players step onto the ice to warm up.  The organ music is loud, really loud.  The excitement builds.  …..get your water ready, get your snacks………….we are not taking our eyes off this television.

Snacks……..yes, junk food snack.  Yes, even people who don’t eat sugar or dairy or meat etc……still LOVE junk food.  This is where Momma Mouse comes in.  It is a wonderful blog and she offers up tons of delicious food and recipes.

Now, I ask you, who doesn’t like junk food at a sporting event?  Garlic Fries, peanuts, nachos.  Yes, nachos.  No, not the kind with lovely onions and veggies and cheese and perfect chips and olives etc………….Nachos, you know the ones.  The ones in the paper bowl.  The chips are hidden under the gooey mess of pure chemical goodness.  Let’s get real people.  That is junk food at it’s finest.  The kind where you can’t even pick up a chip without getting the sloppy, melted mess on your fingers.  Two or three napkins worth of junkie goodness.

Okay, melt 2.5 Tablespoons earth balance and mix in 2 Tablespoons whole wheat pastry flour.  Add in 1/2 cup nutritional yeast and then whisk in 3/4 cup Almond milk.  Keep heating on medium and whisking until it is the melted consistency that you love.  Add in 1/2 Tablespoon of red pepper flakes, onion powder & garlic powder and a dash or two of real salt.    Okay fill your plate with homemade or store-bought tortilla chips and then pour on the melted, cheesy goodness.  Then top with some jalapeno.  For the picture I placed a couple nicely on the top.  After the picture was snapped Mr. Right heaped oodles more peppers and covered it all in more red pepper flakes in a glorious mountain of pure junk food.

DSCN1028Grab three or four paper napkins, more might be needed, Say Grace and grab the best seat in the house.  The next three 19 minute periods are going to rock your world and fly by in an instant.  You forget the world, your troubles and it is so intense you can clean your entire plate of junk food without even thinking about it.  The only time you I was not chewing the sides of my fingernails was when I was stuffing in nacho goodness.  Yes, that good.

We both devoured our game treat, and what a game it was.  There is nothing better than a game seven in a series.  Congratulations to the Black Hawks.  Well played.  Congratulations and thanks to the Redwings for a very entertaining and exciting series.  Well played.

Even though I adore the rough and tumble and push and shove of a great hockey game, oh and I love the uniforms and I love to watch them skate………………it turns my heart to mush, when after every game is over they remove their glove and shake hands like gentlemen.  Such class, their fans are so proud of them, well and I would imagine so are their moms.

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