meat, music, my grandgirlie & Mr. Right

my beef with meatMy Beef with Meat by Rip Essellstyn    One of the current books on my nightstand.  This book is worth every dime and then some.  5 star GREAT.  Very well written, well researched and backed up with facts.  I love the way the chapters are split up.  He addresses and answers all those silly questions……….protein, B12(did you know that humans have on average, a staggering three to five-year supply of B12 stored in the liver?), milk does not do a body good, BBQ dangers, Fish Oil and on and on and on……………. It is most certainly one of those books that you feel GREAT about reading.  You feel like a kid at attending a really great class where you can’t even take notes, you are so anxious and happy about learning really great information, your mouth hangs open and you are trying to absorb every little detail.  Put it on hold  at your local library……..order it for your Mr. Right for Father’s day.  Give it as a birthday or Graduation gift.  Yes, that good.  For Pete sakes, you are so worth a book of this value.  You owe yourself a gift.  Bathe yourself in pure Grace.  Order yourself a book or borrow it from me.  Your life and your families lives will be forever BETTER because of Rip.  He is an amazing teacher & author.

Listening to Point of Grace as I type today. I adore their harmony.  They have a way of making you feel uplifted and enough.  So nice. point of grace

Sweet Liberty our helpful golden retriever, just pulled the keyboard off the desk.  Yipes.  Then the phone rang.  It was my first EVER phone call from Grandgirlie number one!!!!!  She used all the words she has heard her parents say on a phone call.  Hello, goodbye, I love you, pink pants, chickens, apples, her sister’s name….all in random order.  Then she stared answering my questions.  Sooooooo cute, melted my heart.  She was in the car, waiting for her other Grandma and Grandpa to leave for Pike Place Market to buy a red apple.  Sweet.

Sharing a little dark secret…………..My closet.  The horror!   The thing about being married to a dress right dress Mr. Right is just that.  He likes order.  No, strike that, he craves order.  When life tumbles out of our control once in a while, he is intent on making order.  He goes to great lengths to rein in chaos and straighten, alphabetize, line up………whatever he has to do to make things “right”.  He loves to “fix” things.  Now, you know, I adore, drool over really, Before & After pictures………..only problem-oh with that is that I continually forget to take the before picture of my own.  dang it.  So while yes, I have the after picture.  I will have to describe to you what the before looked like.  Okay, close your eyes and pretend you are listening to a great talk radio show(well, open them to read the blog words, silly)………..I have been preoccupied a bit lately, so having order and neatness to my personal closet was not at the top of my “to-do” list.  Imagine if you will a jumbled mess of shoe boxes of all colors and shapes, sneakers, boots, flip-flops, church shoes, belts and a shopping bag all mixed up and twisted willy nillie on the floor. Thirty or so scarves were tucked in here and there, draped over this outfit or that.  Purses, sort of crammed here and there with items spilling carelessly out of unzipped pockets.  Imagine if you will a pair of blue jeans residing next to a lemon yellow sweater, next to an Arizona navy blue long-sleeved t-shirt.  The madness!  Sweaters and t-shirts and tank tops, oh my, if you pulled one out, two tumbled down upon your head.  When I would go to get something or put something away, I cringed a little.  Actually, I couldn’t literally find anything to wear.  It was all a bit overwhelming.  I really just snagged open the door and then pushed it as quick as I could closed.  Mr. Right had reached his limit.  (see, I waited him out, haha).  I had to surrender and wave the white flag.  I had to let it go and let him work his “magic”.  First the Goodwill bags.  Then the trash bags.  Then the list of what needed to be replaced.  Time to give away and “bless” someone else with some of these things.  Pure honesty, some things were so worn out, they went into the trash bags, no one would have wanted them at Goodwill, even for 25 cents.  No girlfriend, I could not cut them up to make a scrappy quilt.  So three or four hours later, a car load to drop off to charity on the way to the hardware store,  a new shelf and a new system for storing shoes………….”we” were back in business.  Can I find something to wear now?  Well sure, silly rabbit…….I just don’t want to step on the vacuum marks or goof up the order.  I certainly don’t want to get anything dirty for fear I will have to wash it and then somehow fold it to match all the other items he folded. ….and he thought the chaos was nerve wracking……………keeping one’s closet this clean is probably not healthy, right?  Makes me a little nervous to see all that calm and order.  Are you ready for the “after” picture?  Here you go, look quick, today it looks like this………..I can’t promise what tomorrow will bring.  DSCN1030

“It’s the good girls who keep the diaries; the bad girls never have the time.”  Tallulah Bankhead

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