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imagesCAM7VMSIAs you may or may not have remembered, I was a bit grumpy with Mr. Right during the “cleaning the closet” episode that went on around here.  I was being a bit stubborn about purchasing new, non ratty, high quality clothing items.  I actually decided to let him in on the process.  When you are looking for a particular item, particular size, cost, quality, it can sometimes be something of an Easter egg hunt of mega proportions.  It can be daunting and not a happy process.  Throw in my added quirkiness of wanting high collared, modest tops, the hunt just took on an entirely new twist of frustration.  So after several sites, and attempts to find what I thought would work, LL Bean came to my rescue.  I ordered a couple of blouses and a couple of tank tops.   Then North Style jumped in and saved the day as well.   I hereby shout out a hearty THANK YOU to Mr. Right for moving me along in the “you are worthy of lovely clothing” genre.

Men shop so differently.  They look for the color and the style you tell them and they push “add to cart”.  done.  Let’s pay and go do something else.  Slow down there buddy.  What about finding a coupon?  What about a coupon code for free shipping?  What is the return policy?  blah, blah, blah………I think I am making this more difficult than it needs to be.

Yesterday and today almost every item has arrived and everything fit beautifully. The tank tops were of high quality and wonderfully made and the neckline was indeed appropriate for my needs/wishes.  A brand new scar from hyperparathyroidism is screaming at me in the mirror and I am not yet ready to share that with the world.  This is my issue and I will, I am guessing work through it.   The North Style eyelet top is so pretty and well made.  I must say a teeny bit daring with all those peep holes (no, not too much) and yet, very pretty and modest.  I just love the fabric and the look.eyelet top

However, there is another side to this coin…

I recently read a blog posting that a friend shared.  It was written by Darlene Schacht. The discussion was about bikini summer weather…  a timely reminder of how we should present ourselves this summer.  The weather will get hotter and clothing will be shed, but how much? How much is acceptable and at what point is this dishonoring to God?  It is an interesting article and worthy of your time to read.  She concludes with a wonderful kind way of looking at our behavior.

Certainly we should be open and mature enough to consider advice from wise Christians, but in the end ask yourself what you feel is pleasing to God and walk accordingly. 
Those of us who do adhere to different convictions… I pray that we will be patient and kind to our sisters who are working out their salvation. Their choices are between them and the Lord. We can model behavior, but unless that behavior is clothed with kindness and grace it will do more harm than good. Enjoy the summer ladies, and be true to your faith!

Yes, this is how I feel.  Sometimes, I need a little nudge to be reminded that it is my choice.  I should be happy and proud that I know what I like and I know what makes me comfortable. I am pleased that my husband honors my convictions.   If that makes others cringe or if I have to really hunt and search for high quality items that are worthy of my dollars, so be it.   To be gently reminded not to judge others, but to live out my life with kindness and grace……….well that was a refreshing summer tip.  I for one am glad that I “heard” this message during these first dog days of summer.

Grace isn’t a little prayer you chant before receiving a meal.  It’s a way to live. J. Windspear

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