Hello, Kitty

550px-Make-a-Magic-Wand-Step-1Last night, Grandgirlie number one, found a stick on our walk.  She used it as a magic wand.  She turned me into a kitty cat.  I was meowing and meowing.  Then the stick broke.  I said HEY, you need to turn me back into Grandma.  She sweetly said, “sorry” and walked away.  dang.  I am not a fan of cat food.  geesh, what’s a girl to do?

Recently while shopping, I have been spying kiddo hand soap.  Bright pink containers with “hello, kitty” trademark marketing designs splashed all over the container.  Looks so darn cute.  I wanted to buy one of those to put in the guest bathroom when a certain couple of girlz came a calling’.  I turned over the bottle to read the ingredients (hey, if I am not going to have chemicals in my home for me and Mr. Right, what makes you think for one second I would allow chemicals on my gorgeous, smart, silly, adored grandgirlies?)  URGH,  chemicals with a capital C.  Dang.  I want to have fun stuff for the little goofballs when they come to play.

light bulb moment!  ding!

DSCN1050We bought some non chemical soap (the label says it is organic apple, Grandgirlie number one says it smells like peanut butter and apples….her favorite snack).  Then I covered the bottle with Hello, Kitty stickers!!!!!!  SCORE.  She stood on the short little step stool and washed her hands a couple of times yesterday.  She LOVED having her own soap.  Pink stickers, Hello, Kitty soap!!!  Home Run for Grandma!  Love when I use my noggin and common sense comes spilling out.


PS.  I will buy stickers, however, um, sorry I am not going to fashion my house after the beloved kitty.  Yipes!Hello-Kitty-House

6 thoughts on “Hello, Kitty

  1. Jan

    You are smart! I was thinking buy the stuff, pour it out and fill the bottle with the chemical free stuff. your way was way better. why let that other company have any of your money:)

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