happy birthday, “little” boy

happy birthday dustinOne of the things that I am most proud of is our grown boys.  Yes, I still call them boys.  Someday, I will be organizing the craft room in the nursing home and will still call my 70 something guys “boys”.   I have earned that privilege.  What a privilege it has been.  Sure it was intense when they were little toddlers.  It was a bit rough in the beginning of the teen years.  Our guys have been a challenge, a pleasure and something to value every single day.  It has turned into one of the best “projects” ever, of all time!

It is with astonishment that I lift up my morning juice in a salute to our oldest boy.  He is 31 years old today.  I am not astonished that it is his birthday, it is just sort of hard to believe that it has gone so quickly.  I said Happy Birthday to him, 31 years ago and I will again today.  Our American flag will fly outside our home (to celebrate Flag Day, yet we will continue to tell him, it is for his birthday!)

As the years slip by, sometimes the old comfortable ways are easiest and most reliable and certainly the safest.  One of the character traits of our oldest is his bravery.

Hey, birthday boy, you are  brave enough to not follow the path.  Sure it is scary and nerve wracking…………..going back to school, switching up careers, studying, training, more training, even more training, GRADUATING today!  I love that this is what you chose.  I love that you listened to your passion.  I am so impressed that you followed through, even though at times it was rocky.  I love that you have vision and a need to take care of your family.  I am mighty impressed that you want to be a steadfast rock for your little girlz.  Your Dad and I are proud of the man you have become.  I love that you didn’t allow “life” to direct your path.  I am in awe of your “eye on the prize” mentality.

One of the best things about you………is to listen to your girls and how much they love their Daddy.    Makes me all mushy inside.  Makes me proud.  Confirms what we already knew.

I am not the greatest at accepting compliments.  However, I am learning.  When someone (and they always do) tells one of us, what great “kids” we raised, I can look them in the eye and say Thank You.

Happy Birthday, Dustin Jeffrey Andrew Wilson!

May your celebration be overflowing with pure goodness!

I love you, Mom

ps.  he was up at 7 am donating blood, as he does every year on his birthday!   gotta love that kid!