no to dog ears & no to gross cookies

imagesCA8YUX3QWe still have a week to go before summer “officially” greets us.  Book one of my summer reads, “The Geometry of Sisters” by Luanne Rice is already back at the library.  I love summer reads.  Fun, fast paced, easy reads, intriguing, they just plain ol’ tickle your fancy.

Summer book number two, “Whiskey Beach” by Nora Roberts.  It has 484 pages and I can already tell I am going to be grumpy when I reach the last page.  This book has murder, old money, the beach, family, budding romance………….a real page turner.  I am loving the escape.  I can open the book and within a paragraph or two, I can completely forget that the “real” world exists.

One of the things I am doing this summer………..sort of like a Summer Resolution:  I am going to exercise my brain power.  You read that correctly, I am going to start to heal part of my brain that has been a bit mushy lately.  No, not by reading silly.  That would be goofy.  haha.  To hold my place,  I am NOT using a book marker, a polka dot ribbon, the receipt from the library and I am NOT going to dog ear any of the pages.  When I am done reading for the day, I look at the page number.  I associate it with something I can remember and I make a point to memorize it.  Next time I sit down to open the book, I think back and remember the page number I was on.  See, brain exercises!  Good for positive brain power.  All summer long, making the old noggin work up a sweat.  ha

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Who are the people in focus groups who    a. agree to try bizarre food inventions?   b. why do the inventors of fake food think adding artificial colors would be a plus? c.  why would anyone rather eat a fake, chemical invention shaped like a “cookie” than the real deal? Son number two, saw these in a California grocery story last night.  He assured me that he did not purchase those.  He however, did not say that he passed up the Oreo section all together.  baby steps, buddy, baby steps.

I am thankful for libraries, smart kids, fresh watermelon, summer days and the anticipation of a great massage.  Happy Friday everyone!