sugar & oil, does a body good

imagesCA45GCLT1 cup of sugar, 1/4 cup olive or almond oil, 2 Tablespoons lemon juice………mix, mix, mix and you are ready to polish.  imagesCA2J7CUA

Wow, you just made your very first body polish.  Okay, get in the shower or bathtub.  Scrub your legs with the heavenly polish, rinse, polish again and rinse.  Now, shave your legs.  Done.  You will have the most exfoliated, polished, smooth, silky legs your Mr. Right has ever, ever felt.

It feels delicious and smooth and will make you deliriously happy.  It will make your bed buddy deliriously happy.  It will put a spring in your step. ….and you thought sugar and oil were bad for you?  silliness.

Sugar & oil does a body, soul, spirit, legs, elbows, knees………good.  Pure goodness.

ps.  If you don’t have a maid, make it on the day you have to scrub the shower or tub.  It kind of leaves a dangerous, slippery mess.  So worth the mess.


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