pure gold…the friendship & the honey

Years ago, my mother and I were going through my grandmother’s linen closet.  She had passed away and it needed to be done.  At the time of her death, her and my grandfather had been married over 54 years.  We came across two sets of pillow cases that were wrapped in yellowed tissue.  Each of the sets had been lovingly hand embroidered.  The skill level was beyond expert.  The pillow cases had never, ever been used.  There was a note along with the pillow cases that said they had received them for a wedding gift and who they were from.  We also found a very expensive lace tablecloth still in the original tissue.  The cloth had never once been used.  Those were some of the saddest things I had ever come across.  My grandmother was “keeping them for good”.   So, there was never one time in over 50 years that was a special occasion?  Not one time in all those years was there a day, when she thought, “today’s the day, I am using those pillow cases?  Today, for our 50th anniversary I should use that tablecloth?”

Sometimes when I find an exotic spice that is uber expensive, I save and save and then use it so sparingly, that sadly it becomes old before I have used it all.  I do this all the time with real vanilla beans.  They are so darn expensive, that I only use them for “special” recipes.   I have had to toss a couple because they are so old they have dried out.  dang.

Jar%20&%20BeeOn Saturday, I received a very special gift.  A friend, whom I have forged a friendship with through blogging, sent me a jar of gold, honey that is.  She and her Mr. Right hosted a celebration honey party and they gave each of the guests a jar of pure gold to take home. They have bees and were celebrating their first bounty.   I thought it was a delightful party favor.  Then when I received one in the mail, oh be still my heart.  I fell head over heels in love with her thoughtful, kind spirit.  She somehow managed to share her happiness, goodness and she made a point of “including” me in the party.

I am honored.  I feel privileged to share in their bounty.  I am so honored in fact, (hold onto your bloomers) I am going to USE it! Honey-bee-honeybee19 That’s right, you read that correctly.  I am going to honor their gift by actually using it.    Here we go:  Sunday evening I made a batch of Raspberry Jam.  I used some honey from Pennsylvania. Today, I made some Almond Chocolate Roca candy treats.  You guessed it, I used a bit of the gift from the gods, honey.   Tonight, for dinner we had grilled vegetable kabob (Happy National Eat Your Vegetables Day, ya all!) and I made a glorious marinade with fresh lime and fresh herbs and pure gold, honey from my friend.  Tonight, after we are finish up our evening chores and prepare for tomorrow, we will sit down to heavenly bowls of Citrus Strawberry Sorbet!  Oh my goodness, Simply delightful.  Oranges, frozen fresh strawberries and honey.  Citrus Strawberry SorbetInstant sorbet through the magic of the new Blendtec.  Yes, I still have some honey left in the jar.

I am going to figure out a couple other ways to USE every single glorious drop.   In the name of friendship, I will use my finger to lick out every single drop of goodness in the jar. It feels lovely to be bathed in the Grace of Friendship.  Thank you dear friend, simply thank you for including me in your party.  It feels lovely.

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”
―     Henry David Thoreau

4 thoughts on “pure gold…the friendship & the honey

  1. Well, as I write this through my tears, I am so grateful for a friendship that spans many states. What a lovely post! And you are right. We should not put things away and never use them. We should enjoy them!!
    I made a honey glaze for my chicken last week and it was delicious. I am drizzling honey on everything, including Greek yogurt! Enjoy the honey and lick the jar when it is all gone!
    xoxo Joanne

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