16 ways Mr. Right and I are different

magnetsToday, on Pioneer Woman’s blog http://thepioneerwoman.com/confessions/ ….she wrote how her and Marlboro Man are different.  I loved her idea and “borrowed” it.  I love her blog. I love her sense of humor.  I love how she thinks.  I used to love how much butter and sugar she used in recipes.  Don’t worry, I still love her.


1.   He likes the sauna.  I love to swim.

2.  He will not eat a banana.  I love bananas.

3.  He likes English.  I like art.

4.  He loves jalapeño peppers.  I like wimpy red peppers.

5.  He loves to be up and at ’em before 5:00 am.  I like to stay cozy, buried in my pile of quilts a bit longer.

6.  He watches Jeopardy.  I watch Sister Wives.

7.  He loves to alphabetize everything.  I love a jumbled basket of items.

8.  He sleeps in his skivvies.  I sleep in layers of flannel.

9.  He loves to organize junk drawers.  I love to cram them shut.

10.  He speaks a couple different languages.  I speak English and use 3 X 5 cards when in another country.

11.   He loves butter on a peanut butter sandwich.  I hate butter on a peanut butter and jam Sammy.

12.  He loves salt & vinegar potato chips.  I love popcorn.

13.  He loves to read Dr. Seuss books to the grandgirlies.  I love to read anything to the grandgirlies with words I can pronounce.

14.  He loves to roll his socks in matched pairs.  I don’t.

15.  He was raised in Quebec, Canada.  I was raised in Washington, USA.

16.  He laughs at Monty Python.  I laugh at I Love Lucy.

In spite of these ~ somehow our relationship works like the wheel on a well oiled machine.  I love our differences.

How are you different from your Mr. Right/Ms. Right?

Marriage is choosing someone again and again to love and to cherish with each new dawn. 


6 thoughts on “16 ways Mr. Right and I are different

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  2. Jan

    1. he loves ice cream, i love popcorn
    2. he loves to drive, i would rather not.
    3. he will waste a day on tv. i will waste a day reading.
    4. he likes pop. i dont.
    5. he doesnt like beer. i do. (twice a yr. lol )

  3. Jim loves clutter. I am ok with a bit of it, but not alot!
    I have to mention, Jim and I love the same kinds of food. Really, he is an adopted Greek and makes better stuffed grape leaves than I!
    xo Joanne

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