monday musings

Monday mornings can sometimes be a bit rough around the edges.  After over doing it a bit on the weekend, Monday gives us the opportunity to reign it all back in.

My Monday morning included no coconut creamer in the refrigerator.  sigh.  I knew that, I just forgot to go buy some more.  dang.    I was happy to see the girls in the poultry palace this morning.  I wasn’t too happy about dumping the entire water container down the front of me. yikes.    I am still learning to be a farm girl.   While getting on my bike this morning, I stubbed my toe on a purple weights I have been using to strengthen my arms.  ouchie ouch

One of the sweet spots in my morning; I found, leaning up against my computer screen, a card from Mr. Right.  Boy does that man have good timing.  I tell you what.  He has a sixth sense about when a girl may need a little pick me up.

15 bean chili soupSo instead of slipping down that long Monday slide of grumpiness, I turned it around by making a pot full of 15 bean chili soup for Mr. Right.  Who knew cooking would help me on the wellness road of doing for others and healing myself at that same time?   I will divide it into containers and freeze.  That way he will have a little yummy goodness to take for his lunches.  Sometimes, just using a bag of beans, some tomatoes, onion, “ground beef” and some spices pretty much allows you to shine as a wife.  So he comes home to a huge pot full of spicy goodness and I get to feel great about cooking up something special for my man.15 bean chili soup cooking  Um, no, I was not wearing heels nor a pearl necklace.  I was barefoot with a new pedicure (LOVE butter, London,  Rosie Lee) 5589579558_81344ea2b5although, I do have on some pretty pearl earrings.

Does it make anyone else a bit worried when you find a screw on the kitchen rug, just laying there?  It was vacuumed yesterday.  Where did that come from?  Do we “need” it in something?  Should I keep it?  Where should I put it?  The junk drawer, of course, where else would it belong?

I am grateful that I am able to cook again.  Maybe not daily yet, but I am getting there.  I am grateful for sparkle toe nail polish, it makes me and Mr. Right oh so happy.  (Was that too much information?)  I am grateful for my All Clad cookware.  (no one paid me to say that, it makes me happy, I never have to shop for cookware again in my life) .   I am grateful for my dog laying at me feet while I type.  I am grateful for learning a new hobby of raising chickens.  (I will blog about the girlz soon).  I am grateful to have a Monday to moan about.  Amen.

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment. Full effort is full victory.” – Mohandas Gandhi

10 thoughts on “monday musings

  1. I was tired this morning too. I am loving my time off from full time work and sometimes I cram too much into the days, and especially the weekends when all my working girlfriends are off.
    I love your sparkly nail polish. Such a pretty shade. And that bean chili soup looks luscious. Mr. Right is a lucky guy!
    And thank you for that lovely t/y card! It’s gracing my little shelf in my country kitchen.
    Blessings from the right coast! xo Joanne

  2. pattilynne50

    Love how you turned your moaning Monday into a marvelous Monday — I’m leaving the fluorescent cage and will spend some time in the kitchen to end the day on a better note!

  3. Jan

    I allowed myself to slide into that grumpiness spot. I woke up with my cold worse. i had thought I was over it. I miss Emma. the sky is gray, it rained on and off.
    I have a broken toe from tripping over my bike snd i found a screw in Aidens mouth! Guess it appeared from where ever yours appeared from.
    we had chili for dinner.
    our lives sorta kinda mirrored each other. lol

  4. Carmen

    This brought back memories. 🙂 Remember when I made this same 15 bean soup (decades ago) and my Mr Right broke out in hives. Haha!! That was the last time I ever made that soup. I guess just too lazy to sit and separate all those beans and cook little batches to find out which one was the culprit. Thanks for the memories!!

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