a three-hour tour

I remember sitting with my two sisters, crossed legged on the carpet (ugly avocado green & multi colored, short shag,  urgh) watching television.  Sure we all had our favorite shows.  The middle girl in our family loved, absolutely loved “The Brady Bunch”.  The youngest sat super close to the television (and got in trouble) to watch Wild Kingdom.  She loved and still loves all animals.  “One” of us, might have loved, adored, was smitten by, knew the show times by heart, never moved an inch (that is saying a lot for a girl who couldn’t and can’t seem to sit still) while the show was on….”The Partridge Family”.  However, the one show we all agreed upon was yep, you guessed it,Gilligans_Island_title_card “Gilligan’s Island”.  que the music…………….”Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of fateful trip, it started…………………”  I am guessing you will have that playing over and over and over in your head all day.  98 episodes, 3 seasons, filmed in black and white, 1964-1967.  Television at it’s finest hour!

Note to all you readers at this point:  some Methodist folks can get their feathers ruffled if by chance you teach your pre-teen boys to sing the Amazing Grace words, to the tune of Gilligan’s Island theme song.  The boys think it is a riot, teach all their other friends and as if by magic…………the giggling starts and keeps going many, many, MANY weeks later in the middle of a serious church service.  I bet if you called up either of our “boys”, granted 20 years later after learning said song, (one is a Graphic Designer in California and one is about to start his new job as a Correction Officer for the state of Washington) each would break out into song and YES, every single word of Amazing Grace would be correct!  How’s that for a home schooling lesson?  I ask you?  Religion, Music, Humor, Memorization………….all rolled into one.  They had a genius for a teacher.  No, that is not what some of the blue haired, stuffy Methodist ladies would call me.  I am quite sure they would remember me entirely differently.  ha

Okay, back to our three-hour tour.  One year for Mother’s day, the boys chipped in and bought me the entire boxed set of Gilligan’s Island.  GREAT gift if you are ever in a pickle as to what to buy someone.

Don’t you love a show that was fun and happy and entertaining, some 40 plus years ago?  Sit down to watch today and your sides hurt from the silliness of it all.  Really?  You can somehow put on a musical with costumes and music and build a stage and curtains and have folding chairs for the audience………yet you can’t build a little boat to get off the island?  You can somehow have books, tiaras, cooking pots and pans, have visitors almost weekly and yet, not be able to figure out a way off the island?  Really?  I just giggle and giggle.

DSCN1136Now, to my point today.  I wanted to introduce you to our three new girls.  Lovey, Ginger and Mary Ann.   

Lovey (aka as Mrs. Howell) is the  Buff Orpington……..beautiful rich & expensive golden hue

Ginger (aka the movie star) is the Americaunas……..gorgeous gold, sable and onyx, very showy

Mary Ann is the Barred Rock……………………..gingham black and white, sassy and lively

My friend piloted a boat THREE hours just to bring them to me!…………..no, not really.  To be honest, she drove about 1 hour and 15 minutes a huge truck & pulled an even bigger horse trailer with my new coop inside.  She brought four great kiddos with her, to drop off all the needed supplies and the chickens.  They were here maybe a total of 10 minutes.  There was a break in the weather and she needed to get 100 bales of hay.  Priorities cowgirl, priorities.  Speaking of cowgirl, my friend was rocking the most bling covered belt I had ever seen.  I tell you, that girl can work sun up until sun down and still wear a little sassy sparkle doing it.  Strong, is not a big enough word to describe her.  Yikes, she is an inspiration that is for sure.

Yesterday, as I spilled the entire water container down the front of me, I quickly figured out not to wear my Sunday best while tending to the girls.  Today, while dressed in a rain coat, hood up and flip-flops on………I did much better.  They did roam around the back yard while I was giving them fresh water and food and treats (who knew they loved tomatoes?).  I was done and wanted them back in their poultry palace.  They were not done.  I breathed deeply and waited.  Oh it only was about 5 more minutes than they wanted back into their chicken condo.  I took the time to breathe as I meandered our back yard in the rain.  Pretty nice way to begin the morning.  Don’t cha think?

I wonder if that is what my friend wanted?  She wanted me to get up and outside for fresh air more often.  She wanted me to have to learn patience even if for 5 minutes.  My friend wanted to remind me that it feels wonderful to be needed every single day.  My friend wanted me to show the grandgirlies what chickens are.  DSCN1191My friend wanted to remind me to laugh, even when you dump an entire water container down yourself.  She wanted to remind me to learn something new every day, laugh more, breathe more, be more grateful.

Who knew that Gilligan’s Island would come back around to help me heal?  Who knew I would have an ongoing debate with every single man I know………..Ginger or Mary Ann?  fyi:  Mr. Right says Mary Ann, it was always Mary Ann.

It feels really amazing to have someone believe in your health and wellness enough that she trusts you will rise to the occasion and take care of three chickens.  It’s been seven days today.  I am learning.  I am wearing my red sassy cowgirl boots more.  I am laughing more.  Heck, I even went to the Feed Store and paid $5.99 for a bag of dried mealworms to bring home as a treat for the girls.  I don’t even have to wear gloves anymore.  I can use my bare hands and share the love of worms!  I have even picked up two of the chickens.

If my friend invited me on a three-hour tour, no doubt about it, I would go.  And yes, by golly she would let me sing Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan’s Island and would laugh and learn along with me.  She of course will be the tall blond girl wearing a glitzy bling covered belt.  I will be the girl in polka dot Capri pants wearing red cowgirl boots.

Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art…It has no survival value: rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.  C.S. Lewis

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  1. You need a LOVE button!!!!!
    I read part of this earlier today but was interrupted…yep, I still have the theme song stuck in my head! LOL
    …the Professor and Mary Ann, here on Gilligan’s Isle!!!!!

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