my knees got weak

c17Last night, after taking Sweet Liberty for a dip in American Lake, we stopped for an errand on the way home.  Mr. Right parked and I stayed in the car with “Libby” and watched a helicopter on Fort Lewis practicing hovering skills.  I fully admit, I am an airplane fanatic.  I love ’em all.  I love watching them.  I love dreaming about them.  I love going places in them.  Heck, for my birthday one year I got to FLY one (a Cessna people, not a military plane…. geesh)!!!!! Hey, I can still picture my white Kedds sneakers as I walked through the pre-flight check.    Yep, I am a fan.  While I watched the helicopter in front of me, I heard a loud rumbling, makes your heart pound kind of noise.  I was looking up.  There it was, I spotted it.  HOLY MOLY, she is going to land here!!!!  My heart was racing and I was smiling.  With the Air Force base right next door, (they have a much larger landing strip) you don’t very often see C17 land on the Army base.

It all happened in a flash.  The pilot came down fast, the wheels touched the tarmac, I could see the bit of smoke from the contact the moment it happened.  I sort of felt like I could “feel” him apply the brakes.  It was LOUD.  I mean really, really loud.  Oh, did I mention thrilling?  To see that piece of machinery come to such a quick stop was amazing.  It is a huge, imposing airplane.  I was thinking of the military people inside.  I was hoping they were home.  I was hoping that the exact moment the wheels touched the soil, there was cheering inside.  Yes, I know I am a dreamer.  I want everything to be “blog worthy”.  ha

The moment Mr. Right got back in the car, I of course told him all about it and imitated the noise and my hands were flailing around explaining it all.   He smiled as he does every time I explain something to do with airplanes.   It usually leads to an old military story from him, then I am a happy camper.  Love hearing him talk about the “old” Army days.  Sometimes, I forget that he was a 17-year-old infantry kid, marching, and more marching and yet more marching.  He will sometimes sing cadence for me while he is out doing yard work or raking leaves.  Especially when he has a rake for a “gun” in his hands.  I love hearing the sing songie sound of those songs. Yes, he cleans up the words for me……….however, I am pretty slick and know what words he is switching to be politically correct for “the wife”.

army guys running

C-130 rollin’ down the strip

64 Rangers on a one-way trip

Mission Top Secret,

destination unknown

They don’t even know

if they’re ever coming home

When my plane gets up so high

Paratroopers take to the skies

Stand up,

hook up,

shuffle to the door

My knees got weak

and I hit the floor

Jumpmaster picked me up with ease

Tossed my knees into the breeze

Um, you get the idea…………add in hundreds of Army soldiers marching or running and well you get the idea.

On the drive home, Mr. Right took the route past the air field.  I love seeing it all.  HEY, WAIT A MINUTE…………….LOOK, LOOK at all those people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I KNEW IT !!!!!  All those people pushing baby strollers with Red, White and Blue balloons outside a hanger, people milling around, signs everywhere……………….I KNEW IT in my heart and soul.families waiting  That plane was bringing some of our finest home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Oh my stars, think how loud the cheer was inside that airplane the moment it touched down?  Think of the hearts pounding of those wives and kiddos and babies and moms and dads and girlfriends in trench coats with stunning high heels (yes, I have honestly witnessed this & it makes me smile in a weird way), the husbands and kids in homemade USA t-shirts and the posters and the yellow ribbons and friends.  It was thrilling to have been a fly on the wall while it all unfolded last night around 7:30 pm in Washington state!

By the way, in case anyone forgot, yes, we still have troops fighting for our country.  While we sleep peacefully, they are not sleeping, they are defending our Liberty and Freedom.  Sadly, we are still sending just as many as we welcome home.   Sad face and Happy face, I have attended both ceremonies.  I can tell you last night’s home-coming was one of the happy ones.  If you ever get the chance to attend one, please do.  You will be standing smack dab in the middle of PURE HAPPINESS!

imagesCA7NC8MSMay God bathe our troops and their families in Grace and Goodness.  WELCOME HOME SOLDIERS, THANK YOU & WELCOME HOME!  JOB WELL DONE.


4 thoughts on “my knees got weak

  1. pattilynne50

    I just knew when I started reading how it was going to end…love how you told the tale. I’m holding back a tear or two (can’t be cryin’ at work!) as the leaving part is in our not too distant future. Of course, after TWO AND A HALF YEARS, we’ll have the coming home part first!!!!! 🙂

    1. I promise, cross my heart, that I will celebrate with you and I promise, cross my heart, I will wait and pray with you while your Ryan is away defending our nation.
      God Bless you Army Mom!
      I promise to stand firmly in your corner.
      ….not to mention excellent care packages sent to your son.

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