Pillow Talk

pillow featherThe search has ended.  It has been a thirty something year search.  I certainly do not want to jump the gun, however, in my mind, I am wearing a fancy, colorful, curling ribbon halo with long streamers to celebrate.   The famous pillow search has ended with (pretend but meaningful)  tears of joy, tears of happiness, tears of exhaustion.

One of my homework assignments for healing and wellness is to get a full 8-9 hours sleep a night!  This is one tough trick for me.  I am making progress.  I am making every effort possible.  I have sewn light blocking drapes, last night I picked fresh lavender and hung it on either side of our headboard.  I have concocted the perfect essential oils for resting.  We have created the perfect to us, ideal sleeping arena.  We have no television, no laundry baskets, no crazy wild art, no stimulating colors of paint. We do not have small babies or puppies in our home to keep us awake.   I have read book after book, researched ideas and combed numerous articles about achieving restful sleep.

Hallelujah, the angels are singing a glorious song.  They are singing the “pillow” song!!!!!!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, singing the “pillow” song.  Yes, I have written about this several times over my 552 blog postings.  I have lamented about the cost, the filling, the size, the quality, the density………….oh the drama.   We have purchased pillows designed especially for back sleepers, side sleepers, stomach sleepers, light sleepers.  We have bought hypoallergenic, polyester filling, feathers, no feathers, chopped up foam, memory foam, most likely some chemically sprinkled pillows.  A few years ago, to try out it’s touted deep sleep properties, we purchased a pillow made out of buckwheat hulls.  Boy oh boy, was that puppy (not made with puppies, geesh) was LOUD.  I even went so far as to sew an extra pillow casing out of fleece, to help deaden the sound.  It did not work.

We have purchased pillows from Macy’s(and years ago, when it was called The Bon Marche),  Dillard’s, Target, Wal-Mart, Sears, JC Penney’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Ross, QVC, PX & BX (military exchanges in several states and countries).  We have purchased pillows in: North Carolina, Alaska, Oklahoma, Washington state, Germany, Oregon. I have ordered them from infomercials & on-line.

Mr. Right and I have paid any where from $3.99 to $39.99 and then tipped the scale and went beyond that.  We even saw a pillow for $1.49 and looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, as if to say, okay, we will give it a try.  duh.pillow talkWe have undid pillow cases at fine hotels to find out what the brand name was so we could try it once home.  One time, while sitting in a gorgeous hotel room in Vancouver, BC, I was reading all the literature they leave to entertain you while waiting to go on your next adventure.  The brochure was all about their luxury bed and linens.  There printed at the bottom was a figure in American dollars…………. $3,595.00).  You make one payment and you get the bed, the linens, the pillows…….the whole kit and caboodle for one price.  I think shipping was extra.  THAT was even starting to look good.  golly gee whiz, I was loosing my will to reason.

I thought maybe it was the pillow case.  I have bought 100-500 thread count and beyond.  I have sewn pillow cases.  I have hand embroidered pillow cases.  I have had them professionally monogrammed.  I have ironed them.  I have hung them to dry in the sunshine.   I have washed them with lemon juice, white vinegar, store-bought & homemade soap.  I have used lavender essential oil in the washing cycle.  I have used baking washing soda.  I have tried Borax alone.  The list goes on and on.

I have cut open pillows, taken out “just the right amount” of filling for the perfect density and then hand sewn them closed for a smooth finish.  I have washed pillows and dried them with tennis balls in the dryer.  I have taken pillows to be dry cleaned.  I have aired them out in the sunshine.  I have vacuumed them.  I have thrown away pillows that have gone past the “good housekeeping” seal of cleanliness and safety.  I have put pillows in the freezer (supposedly to kill all and any bugs that may or may not be in our pillows). pillow down

Enter the Gosa Pinje.  Hello IKEA.  Do I have $12.99?  Why yes, yes, I do.  Duck feathers and Duck down.

pillow ducksLet us take a moment and bow our heads in honor of all the naked Ducks running around in knitted sweaters on the Naked Duck Farms across the land.  I am sincerely sorry.  Yes, I know it more sincere and horrid and awful.  I am truly sorry.  I like to live in a world in which ducks end up wearing homemade knit sweaters, thank you very much.

I am tired.  I am exhausted.  My homework is to get 8-9 hours sleep a night.  Last night I got 8 HOURS OF SLEEP!  I cannot tell you the last time, (maybe when I was a teenager) that I ever got 8 hours a sleep in one night.  Yes, I took my Calcium and Magnesium supplement before hitting the hay.  No food or drinks or electronics after a certain time.  Clean jammies, spotlessly clean sleep chamber, freshly cut lavender, reading from a library book (put in the freezer over night to kill any and all bed bugs it may carry…………..another story for another blog), no reading from a Kindle, wrote down all the things I was worried about and made my lists so I could have an empty noggin.  .  I would like to publicly give full credit to the Gosa Pinje, $12.99 pillow from IKEA.  Bless you people of Sweden for selling a pillow (have no idea where the product is actually made) and making them one by one with loving care.  Thank you for tucking in the “sweet dream” micro chip into each and every one. (just teasing, I have no idea if it was the “sweet dream” micro chip or the “L-Tryptophan” micro chip.)

(sung quietly, almost a whisper) Good Night, Sleep Tight, and pleasant dreams to you, here’s a wish and a prayer, that all your dreams come true, and now, ’till we meet again, audios, au revoir, auf weidersen.  Good Night.  (Thank you Lawrence Welk)

Thus ends our thirty year pillow saga.  Amen and Amen.

“Sleep perchance to Dream”  William Shakespeare

4 thoughts on “Pillow Talk

  1. I am so glad you found your perfect pillow! What a cute story!
    I just bought new pillows (from Costco!) or I’d run to IKEA. But then again, I have allergies so not sure about the duck down….
    I did bow my head in a moment of grace for those nakey ducks. Bless them!

  2. Kathie

    Thank you duckies for giving your all to my friends. You have made them so happy. Strut your stuff every time you think of the sweet dreams that you have shared with Mr. & Mrs. Wilson.

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