God Bless the people of Lac-Megantic

Quebec 2Not to far from where Mr. Right grew up, is a place called  Lac-Megantic, Quebec.  Some of you have asked if his family/friends are okay.  Yes, thank you for asking, they are all fine.  It is not close enough to do harm.

It was a horrid train accident and many people perished, still some not accounted for (the blast was so great), we pray for and also pray for those who survived.

We light our prayer candle and lift up the names of those lost.  We pray for the families and friends and a town that will never, ever be the same again.  It will be a defining moment in their time line of life. imagesCAQQ5XIN

The senselessness of the tragedy is too difficult to wrap your brain around.  This is bigger than any one person can handle.

We call upon God to Bless them and bathe them all in Grace.

We send our heartfelt and sincere sympathies.

God Bless You.

Nos sincères condoléances. Mai Dieu vous bénisse tous.imagesCAEH4QV5

2 thoughts on “God Bless the people of Lac-Megantic

  1. In my area, there is much development around the extraction of Marcellus Shale gas. It has raised quite a bit of controversy locally and the accident you describe is one of many concerns that people have around here.
    I am praying for those who perished but most for their families who I am sure are devastated by such a tragic loss.

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