pucker up, Stanley

imagesCALRQZLSIt was a warm, clear, relaxing summer evening, you know that moment when you are out to dinner and for some silly reason, maybe it’s the way the waitress presents the option, Raspberry Lemonade sounds really, really good?  It comes to the table, the glass has drips of water on the outside.  It is a gorgeous, rosy color with ice cubes and a wedge of lemon bobbing near the top.  You take a drink and for some reason, it wasn’t quite what you had in mind.  In a strange twist of lemon fate, the drink that looks so refreshing and thirst quenching…..is not.  There is so much sweetness that it actually makes you thirsty after you drink it.

We can do better.  Saturday night, Mr. Right invited me on a picnic.  It was to be right on the beach, quite near the Narrows Bridge.  Cute bling covered sandals and sassy pedicure?  check!  Beach blanket for sitting?  check?  Stopped to pick up eye-catching, luscious, huge salads of our choice.  check.  Napkins and disposable wooden picnic forks?  check?  Lemonade?  Hey, we can make some!

I juiced two lemons.  I added 1 1/2 cups fresh raspberries.  3 Tablespoons Fruit Sweet and 3.5 cups of filtered water.  Put it all in the Blendtec and pushed the magic button.  I poured it all into a chilled Stanley Thermos.  Yes, that thermos.  Not fancy.  Not pretty.  Not sassy by any stretch of anyone’s imagination.  No I am not paid to shout the goodness of the Stanley Thermos.  However, I would gladly tell anyone about its virtues.  Stanley thermos  A work horse.  An extremely well crafted thermos that actually keeps things super hot or ice-cold.  Never leaks.  I would encourage you to pay the money and buy one.  Buy one for a gift.  Heck fill it with fresh made lemonade and take it in the thermos as the gift. 

raspberry lemonadeTwo hours later, while wiggling our toes in the sand and rocks, sitting on our green plaid waterproof picnic blanket, digging into our dinner, it was time to pour some Raspberry Lemonade.  What plops out?  Ice cubes!  Yes, that thermos is amazing and never fails to impress us.  The icy cold, glorious blush color liquid poured into our cups.  First taste, toes curling, oh my stars.  So tart and tangy, my tongue did a little jig in my mouth.  With just a touch of sweetness from the berries and fruit sweet, it was a gourmet treat of it’s very own.  It was the perfect drink to pair with the perfect picnic.

I sort of love that thermos so much I want to hug it.  I am thankful for the quality.  Having moments to use said thermos, makes me giddy.

After too many hours of yard work on a hot, hot summer day, sitting on the beach, with a cool breeze tickling our skin, it was a lovely way to end a weekend.  Hanging out with Mr. Right on the beach drinking homemade Raspberry Lemonade…………..doesn’t get much better.  Pucker up baby, we have a lot to be grateful for!

5 thoughts on “pucker up, Stanley

  1. Carmen

    Oh my, oh my!! We actually own two of those wonderful thermoses. Workhorses, indeed. I think ours may even have a few bumps from over 25 years of use and still going strong. 🙂

    Mmmm…that lemonade sounds luscious. We even have fresh raspberries chilling in the refrig, might just be the perfect beverage for the over 100* temps we continue to have around here.

    1. I love that you have two of those thermoses and they are still going strong after 25 years. That is wonderful. I love all the great places we take ours. Heck, you never take your thermos to stand in line at a government agency. You never take a thermos to the dentist. It always seems like it is a great time, when you pull out the old thermos. 🙂

      Indulge in the raspberry lemonade. I highly recommend.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I love a good thermos. And I love homemade lemonade. It’s the best. It’s not lemonade drinking time in this part of the world but your lemonade escapade makes me think happy summer thoughts.

    1. Hello,
      I am seeing hot chocolate or a warm cup of strong coffee in your next thermos!
      Thanks so much for stopping by. I am tickled pink by your pretty flowers on your blog and the idea that you are sitting in New Zealand and I am near Seattle, Washington, USA.
      Glad to be friends!
      Wow, my world just got a whole lot bigger and friendlier!
      Come back by any ol time, you are more than welcome.
      I am hoping that a great big happy hug sent your way, won’t scare you off!

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