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The August 2013 edition of “National Geographic” magazine is stellar.  I can’t recommend it without enthusiasm spilling onto the screen.  (nope, I am not paid to say that.  Yes, we have an old-fashioned monthly subscription to pages and pages of incredible photographs & articles.)

The article about “the life of Lions” and “can they be saved” is remarkable.  The photographs are what we come to expect from such a quality magazine.  They will take your breath away.   You will feel grateful for you have your eyes on the Pride.  The photography is second to none.

painted elephantsThe article about the painted elephants of India is captivating.  I was smiling through all the photos.  They reminded me in a way, of the painted horses from Healing Hearts Ranch, 4th of July parade.   You can “hear” the love, respect and great devotion these people have for their pachyderms.  “Elephants once carried soldiers into battle.  Now grooms ride them in splendid wedding processions.”  The art work is stunning and will amaze you.  You will feel, grateful for the glimpse you have into this form of respect.

Then there is “the” article this month………….  SUGAR  (a not so sweet story).  Today is day 177 of no sugar for me.  Mr. Right has kindly jumped on the band wagon and done every single day with me.  To say that the numbers are shocking would be an extreme understatement.  Our country has gone coo coo for cocoa puffs!  It will take your breath away, and not in a good way.  Sort of like the air being sucked out of the room.  This is shameful.   We have a collective big problem and it is not good.  10,000 years ago in New Guinea, where sugarcane was domesticated, they had absolutely no idea of what would become of the healing elixir they cherished.   It is one of those articles that will either make you tear up and want to share the information with those you love and care about.  It will make you stop and think.  Or, it will make you bury your head further in the sand and pretend (with devastating results)  it is not effecting your family.

So, in an effort to get those kids reading this summer……………go out and buy a copy of the yellow edged familiar magazine.  On your trip to the library this week, sit down for a moment and read the articles.  Heck, just look at the pictures, they will make your day better.  If you buy this issue, read it and pass it along.  For heaven’s sake, please don’t “save” them for years and years.  Take it to your next medical appointment and leave it in the waiting room for the next person.  Send one in the mail to someone.  Share the love, people!


GT0201H_grilled-peaches-with-cinnamon-sugar-butter_s4x3_lgLast night for dessert, we hit a home run!  Fresh “Peach Pie” peaches, grilled to perfection.  Sprinkled with the slightest amount of cinnamon.  The tang and sweet just melted in our mouths.  It was a texture thing.  Oh good heavens, sassy and tender, flavor bursting juices dripping out. A jaunty piece of fresh picked mint leaves added a pop of green color in the dessert bowl.  Some say to partner those grilled lovelies with some vanilla ice cream.  I am sure that would be a treat for some, I chose to drizzle a bit of caramel sauce over the entire bowl of goodness.  The Caramel sauce is made with agave syrup and rice syrup and pectin…….   carmel sauceYes!  I can have it.  You see folks, caramel was the thing I have actually had a couple melt downs in the actual grocery store over.  I love caramel sauce.  LOVE it.  I want it.  I crave it.  I haven’t had it since January.  I miss it.  Oh, I need it bad!  Do you think someone has a “problem”?  Um, YES!  The moment I found and tried this glorious sauce, I was misty eyed.  I can go on with my life.  Just knowing it is in the refrigerator, makes my life okay.  I know it all sounds so dramatic.  Just imagine, having every single thing that you thought brought you pleasure taken away in one swoop?  Just having this creamy, thick, luscious, dark golden sauce sneak back into my life……………well……………………..I am one grateful,  happy camper.  (translated that means, I am a nicer wife, a sweeter mom, a better friend, a more considerate neighbor, a more cheerful pet owner…..and on and on the list goes)  Yes, all because of caramel sauce that I can have!  Who knew ?

I am so over the top grateful for finding goodness in today, Thursday.  Day 177 of no sugar.  Day 177 of focusing and working (yes, it is hard work) on wellness and healing.  Day 177 of finding great joy in photography and pure sweet life.imagesCAETEK9T

4 thoughts on “sweet, grateful reviews

  1. OH those peaches look so good and the caramel sauce even better. I have a friend who brings me her National Geographic mags to me sometimes. Then I pass them along.It is good to be able to share and not hoard!

  2. Wonderful article! Love everything about you, your witty humorous way of painting a picture with words is just amazing! Thanks for making my day a little brighter!

    Still sick from the antibiotics and I cannot have Sugar or fruits, with the exception of berries! It’s inspiring that you have gone without sugar for so long! Happy you found caramel sauce. I will have to find a replacement treat that makes me so happy, alas I’m allergic to agave!!!



    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. Love having you pop in for a moment.
      I am having such success by replacing agave with “Fruit Sweet” by Wax Orchards.
      Maybe once you can have fruit again, this might be an ideal sweetener for you
      to try. I am loving it.
      You KNOW, I wish you good health and healing. We are in this together, friend.
      Love ya, D

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