With a destination of California in mind, people save for years and years for a vacation.  Some folks plot and plan to make their final destination Laguna Beach or Huntington Beach, maybe even Orange county.  Disneyland is marked on several change jars across the land to “save up” for the ultimate trip.

So in a strange twist of good karma, when someone, namely son number two, has a birthday to celebrate, he chooses to leave his home (Orange county and the wonderful beach where he and his sweet gal live) and go camping in the Sequoia National Forest.  He is a grown up and gets to choose where and how he celebrates.  He chose his wife, his dog and an electronic free three days of peace in nature.  (yes, he told us and the in-laws where they will be hiking, camping and goofing off.  We were given an itinerary and a map.  Yes, they have a cell phone, locked in the glove box in case of an emergency.)

That means his dear old mom and dad don’t get to bug him on his phone.  We don’t get to send him a text.  We don’t get to shoot him an email.   What we are doing is sending him GREAT Karma via ESP.  We are thinking good thoughts of and for him all day long.  We sent him a birthday box of goodies before he left.  It was full of silliness and great gifts and possibilities.

img_7104Here’s to you, Gabriel Arlen Arthur Wilson and your weekend of fresh air and peace.  May you enjoy every single moment.   Happy Birthday to one of the most honorable, honest, kind, intelligent, creative, quick-witted, curious, wonderful,  good eggs out there!  You make us so happy and proud.

Enjoy your time in the forest.  May it fill your heart and soul with pure goodness.


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  1. Sounds like a LOVELY way to celebrate his birthday! A few extra prayers will be lifted up for them for safety, peace, quality couple time, and a safe return home. 🙂

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