victory is mine!

Picture this:  20 years ago, stay at home mom, living in Oklahoma,  two little boys, husband was “invited” to go to another country by the US Army, Christmas time.  Sure we were busy, and life sort of swirled along….that is a whole other story.  I happen to send a card (no email, no Skype, no text messaging) that had a snowman on the front, he seemed to be getting pelted with black cubes of ice.  Inside the card it read:  “Lead it snow, Lead it snow, lead it snow”  Thus began our families LOVE affair with the “pun card”.  It is a quest, it is our mission,  to find and give pun cards.   No matter the holiday “I’m not LION, please be my Valentine” or the recently used birthday greeting…. an old woman on the front of the card playing the accordion.  Inside the words read  “It’s your birthday, act accordingly”.  It was a stretch, but sometimes, that is all you can find.  Some of us have even resorted to making our own pun cards.

Today, July 29th, 2013 I found Mr. Right’s birthday card.  It’s a pun!  His birthday is December 12th.  Now the trick is to keep in safe and hidden AND remember where it is come December 12th.

Finding the perfect birthday card for Mr. Right is PURE happiness.  imagesCA72TM9O

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