the good ship, Friendship

The word friend is mentioned ninety times in the Bible.  If that doesn’t tickle your interest, I don’t know what will.  By taking a deeper look at this ancient piece of history, written and rewritten several times over, we see that in the written word, the authors felt compelled to mention,  friends.  If you are a believer or not, mentioning something 90 times in one book (which isn’t necessarily exclusively written about friendship) must carry some weight.  The information must be of some value?  The word friend must worth looking into.

I am currently reading a book, “The Seven Wonders that will Change Your Life” by Glenn Beck and Keith Ablow, MD.  Now, don’t get your chicken feathers ruffled.  It is full of really great information.  Lots and lots to learn about.  Yes, it is written by men that don’t seem to have a sappy bone in their bodies.  No, it is not peppered with political tid bits.  Yes, Mr. Beck values his religion as do many of us.  You have to find what spiritual path works for you and your soul.   While reading this book,  I have taken notes like a 7th grade girl in History class.  You know, with the color changing pen and a spiral note-book that rips the side of the paper to shreds and you have to pick up all those little annoying pieces and it looks messy and it is very frustrating? …..focus people…..stay on topic……..that is my goal.

friendAt one point in the friend chapter, he goes on to say, “whatever troubles you will be so much easier to face with true friends by your side and so much harder to overcome without them…”  I have to say, I have tested the bonds of friendship lately.  I have stretched and used up all sorts of favors.  Any extra credit I may have accumulated over the past 50 years has been turned in for good bonus points.   Friendship is an interesting relationship.  It never ceases to amaze and astound me.

The other side of the page is the explanation of “friend vampires”. They simply put, feast off your energy.  Remove them from your life and don’t spend one moment hating or despising them, that will only deplete you.  No drama, just move forward and quickly.

I have a friend who today, is waiting in a hospital waiting room for 5-6 hours.  We are all praying for,  her teenage son.  Please join us, it’s easy, it’s free, it is painless, just DO IT.  Please send all and any positive, good Karma and prayers of healing and steady hands for the surgeons to Seattle Children’s Hospital, thank you very much.    A couple of things about my friend, she is courageous and a great mom and a wonderful wife…..sure, sure……. she also, is a thoughtful, genuine, honest, kind, smart,  steadfast friend.  In the midst of her overwhelming walk over hot coals with her son, she takes time to send me a note.  She sends me hugs through the internet.  Never once has she looked at me with pity.  Yes, she knows I am sick.  I have no idea if her son knows if I am healthy or not.  Never once has he looked at me with pity.  They don’t judge me because I can’t visit them at the hospital.  My friend, somehow has the ability to laugh at my silly notes or goofy homemade cards.  When I talk to my friend, in person or through technology, I can hold my head up high.  My shoulders are back and I can throw out funny comments and silliness and she get’s it.    Friends since High School, and boy golly, that was many moons ago.  Somehow she brings the best out in me.  I feel like I have a mission to stand by her and her family.  I feel like, while taking my two-mile morning walk, I can pray for her son and be of some help and value to their lives.  I feel like it is one of the reasons I thrive.  She makes me a better friend.stars

 A real friendship is like a diamond.  It doesn’t degrade over time.  It increases in value.  I have another friend, who pushes me to be and do better.  She is helping me reinventing my card making skills.  She doesn’t take “I’m sick, poor me” for an answer.  She somehow conveys to me that, I can handle this.  She already has the attitude that it will be fun and I already have the skills to accomplish this new to me craft.  She also has some sort of weirdo ESP.  She sends me an email or a text when I need it most.  When I am having my own private little pity party she steps in and diverts my attention to something a bit more worthwhile.  She wants to talk about health and wellness and great quality foods and choices.  She is upgrading her life and I get to tag along for the ride.  I feel like one of the reasons I am thriving is because of her spirit.  Her unconditional, non judgmental, supportive, uplifting, sassy attitude, intelligence are just some of the reasons I love her.    We somehow polish each other.  She makes me a better friend.

I have many friends swirling in my brain today.  Many help me focus on the prize.  Health and wellness.  Some “friend vampires” need to be, well……… “honey, git my gun, the herd needs a thinnin‘.”

My true friends are helping me get my “groove” back.  They don’t back down easily. I am grateful for their shoulders to lean on.   Here is my non-solicited advice today:  If you want to change your current life for the better… and work on keeping true friends in your life.  Friendship is so worth the effort.

“Genuine friends must be cherished and not forsaken.” Proverbs 27:10

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  1. I love your idea of friends polishing each other 🙂 In the old days when we had autograph books, friends used to write this verse: ” True friends are like diamonds, precious and rare; False friends are like autumn leaves, found everywhere.” I have lovely diamonds sparkling up my life 🙂 Sounds like you do too.

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