less wrinkles, more HAPPY

Remember way back when?  You know that time when you were all happy to have your very own matching washer and dryer(it felt so, I don’t know, grown up)?  You didn’t have to walk down the stairs to the apartment laundry room?  So (tired legs, juggling basket and soap and the phone and the actual laundry) sorry if you are still doing that, come over, bring your laundry, you can use mine while we chat and have a cup of something.

Where did the happy go?  Instead of being almost giddy with glee at a brand new, sparkling white pair of appliances, that made the promise to get your whites whiter and those little boy jean stained knees spotless, it has turned into drudgery. Instead of feeling almost boastful about two huge pieces of metal, lets face it, even the kids liked the huge boxes those things arrived in….. there is a slump to the shoulders and a “number 11” wrinkle between your eyes.  Yes, we have all been known to be a smidgen grouchy when it comes to laundry.    When you stop and think about it, it really isn’t that big of a problem.  I am guessing not one person reading this blog, actually has to take their laundry down to the river and use a rock (what are you suppose to do with said rock?) to wash their clothes.  The majority of us, put the clothes in the machine and push one button.  WOW, that is exhausting.

Let’s face it, most of our laundry rooms don’t look like Martha Stewart’s, spic and span room with wooden drying racks for that special sweater and gauzy curtains blowing gently in front of the slightly ajar window.  You glance at a wicker basket (which would snag everything I own) in her color coordinated, peaceful room,  with three white fluffy towels, ready to be washed and then line dried with wooden clothes pins.   The reality is, when you come home from vacation the suitcases get dumped in big piles on the floor.  Sometimes after bathing the dog, the towel pile is not a fluffy couple of towels that could use a quick rinse.  They are soggy, dog hair covered (sorry Sweet Liberty for airing dirty laundry, ha) with sand, dirt and grass.  You push the button that says “extra umph”.  I made that up.  I wish there was a button like that.  Buttons could read:  “girlie stuff”, ” stinky running clothes”, “little boy messes”, “grandgirlie sweet but messy”, “dog towels” and the specially marked button, “how did that happen”?  See it would be more fun and a lot easier.

Question:  With the exception of winning the lottery (if you remember to buy a ticket), does anyone married over 20 years have a matching washer and dryer?  When the Dryer poops out, you buy a new one.  The washer is still going strong.  When the washer takes its last spin…..hey, we just replaced the dryer a couple of years ago.  Yes, both of my machines are Kenmore, boring white.  No, they do not match.  Oh and good heavens, the environment is safe now, they no longer come in big huge happy play house boxes.  dang.

New team of doctors orders:  watch more funny things, find more Happy, laugh more………………okay, rubbing hands together………let’s do this………

You all know I love before and after’s.  I just love em.  This time I actually took before pictures of my laundry room.  I even left the laundry basket of dirty laundry on the dryer to give it that “sad face” before new product look.  ha.  Oh, and Mr. Right ate the bag of potato chips that was resting on the hot water tank.  Oh, and I changed the chalk board from a dog biscuit, magnet idea I had to “Sorting out life, one load at a time”.  Sometimes I draw silly happy things, other times, weirdo stick people who make me laugh. DSCN1352 However……………..I can’t wait to show off my new HAPPY.  Yes, I am taking down the ridiculous floral wall paper border (what on earth was I thinking?), yes, I am repainting.  Yes, I am taking down the blow up sunshine( the air blown into that thing must be really, really awful) that we used at a graduation party for son number two, headed off to college in the  sunny state of California in 2003!  (explanation: people in Washington state don’t always see the sunshine, we had to make sure we had the sun for the day of his party.)  Yes, I took out the black and red striped rugs (really?).

So instead of waiting until the BIG REVEAL, I am going to show you how a girl can be hap, hap, happy in her laundry room.   Yes, I promise to show you the BIG REVEAL, you have to say it loud and stretch your arms wide when you say it.  I wanted to show you how this girl turned “boring” into GIDDY!

Picture this: sad-faced housewife, ugly clothes on, no lipstick, frizzy hair………………….Vinyl comes into her life………………HAPPY housewife, cute clothes, sassy shoes, dinner cooking in the background, kicky music playing, sweet lipstick and lovely curly, bouncy hair…………… Life is Good.

Before I show off my new appliances that make my world so much better………………it is with a grateful heart that I thank son number two.  Yes, he is an amazing Graphic Designer www.spinimaging.com  and he uses his brain and talent to bring together art and technology………………and he thought,…..Hey!  I should send my mom some polka dots to ROCK her world with HAPPY.   Most likely, my washer and dryer won’t be on the cover of Graphic Design Today.  However, I am thinking if he made up some kits………..housewives across the land would gladly pay him for a little bit of HAPPY.  That’s what these really are HAPPY DOTS.  So to sum up, a little freshly applied lipstick and some dots and life suddenly looks awesome.  DSCN1434

6 thoughts on “less wrinkles, more HAPPY

  1. Myla : )

    Love, love, love, your new laundry room!! Maybe I should to it to my building’s ~ I’ll speak to my landlord about it! Did I say I loved your new room?! Love you much!!!

  2. I am laughing so hard. I think you must get your son to design some of those button controls you want like ‘extra umph’. They would look good with the happy dots. Thanks for making my day!

  3. pattilynne50

    I pushed the like button 27 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOSH, how can you not be happy to do laundry now??? I really love your ideas for the washer settings — so commonsensical 🙂

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