strings attached to Florida

Picture a lazy summer afternoon, after a full to overflowing day of swimming, biking, picking berries or being silly playing beauty pageant on the back side-walk.  fyi: It was a sidewalk that was made to go out to my mother’s clothes line.  My sisters and I called it the “runway”.  We would walk all dressed up in my mother’s old prom dresses and wave to the “audience”.  Read that as our dogs that we made sit near the runway.  We would wear grown up high heels.  I can even remember wearing my own prom shoes out on the “runway” to scuff them up a bit so they were not dangerously slippery when wearing for the first time.    Back to my original thought….  the day is warm and sunny.  You find yourself on an old quilt we were allowed to put on the grass.  Then my sisters or neighborhood girlfriends and I, would be overly passionate making friendship bracelets.  Thread and sometimes beads.  Usually thread.  We would make lots and lots of ’em.  We would each wear 10 or 12 and then share with our friends.  Not to embarrass my boys, but one of them loved to make friendship bracelets and weave and braid out of colored hemp.  It was a fun thing to do when he found down time during the goof off summer days.   Yes, boys like to make friendship bracelets too.  They just like to use more “boy colors”.

Notice how only the young get to goof off and have fun, lazy summer days?  Time for that tradition to end.  Yesterday, my brain was once again swirling and twirling.  Somehow I found my way to making lots and lots of friendship bracelets.  A friend, “Miss Florida” sent me an email.  She is the one who “turned on” my friendship/prayer bracelet, button.

Here is an excerpt from her email:

I’m headed to West, Texas. But only for a week. The church I’ve been attending, Grace United Methodist, is sending a group of people there in their church van to help rebuild some homes.
You may remember that a fertilizer plant had an explosion, and 300+ homes were damaged. We’ll be driving out early in the morning on August 17 and returning Aug 24. The team has organized places to stay and food. The actual tasks will be decided when we get there. It’s lots of clean-up and rebuilding, I’m sure.
I asked John, the organizer, why he’s choosing to go to TEXAS in AUGUST. His response was: “It’s going to be great!” Note to self: pack my sun hat.
You might be asking: “Why you? Why now?” Well, I’ve started to do the things that I’ve been wishing I would do for a long time, and local ministry is something that I want to be involved in.”

DSCN1457Here is the part where my mind was swirling.  I can’t go with her to help.  I am not able to travel to Texas right now.  What could I do?  Yes, people say, “I will pray for you”.  Sometimes, I need to DO something.  Enter friendship bracelets.  I am making one for her.  I am making one for me.  I chose orange to remind me of Florida.  I chose the aqua bead to think of the water around Florida.  I am making them for friends and sending them one in the mail asking them to wear their bracelet and pray for a friend from Florida embarking on a mission of help.    So from August 17th through the 24th of this month, I will be wearing a friendship/prayer bracelet. (I am going to try to “sell” my idea to Mr. Right, however, we all know that might be a hard sell.  Yes, he will of course pray for our friend.  Wear the bracelet, I am thinking not so much.) I am making more today.  I am mailing lots tomorrow.  Not only do I want to pray for my friend Miss Florida, I want to pray for the mission, the people they are helping, the workers, the friends she makes along the way.  Every single time I see the bracelet I want to lift up my friend’s name in prayer.

She is an amazing woman with incredible goals.  She is in the middle of remaking her life and her health.  By serving others, she is healing her heart and soul.

Yes, it is a silly piece of string.  No, it is not a fancy braid.  DSCN1460

My heart-strings for the month of August will be orange in color.  My new orange string begins in Washington state and will travel all over the country and take twists and turns and will eventually tie the other end in the state of Florida.

Have I mentioned lately how grateful and lucky I am to have wonderful friends?  Yeah, that’s me, I do.  Miss Florida would walk on the runway with me, in an oversized dress and high heel shoes and wave to the dogs right along with me.   Yes, that kind of friend.

Friendship is a gift with strings attached – heartstrings!

7 thoughts on “strings attached to Florida

  1. Since I can’t go to Texas, I will be praying for Miss Florida and all who go to bless the victims of that tragedy….Love the friendship bracelet idea.
    I SO would have had a blast playing dress up on the runway with you!!!

  2. What an absolutely beautiful idea! I remember those beads from my childhood. I swear I made bracelets or necklaces too; I’ll have to ask my old friend Kathy.
    Your prayers will comfort and aid your friend I am sure. Blessings! Joanne xo

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